The oleander (Nerium oleander), due to the fact that its leaves are arranged in groups of three, in ancient times symbolized the harmony of the universe as stated by Pythagoras “is the existence in which the Immutable and the Mutable are joined “.
The plant is poisonous and if it is ingested, symptoms such as tachycardia, gastric disturbances and disorders of the central nervous system are manifested. The intake can even lead to death. In the Middle Ages an ancient legend narrated that an oleander had bloomed on the stick of St. Joseph and this made him choose from the priests as bridegrooms for Mary so much as to be called “mace of St. Joseph” while in the Greek culture the shrub was considered under the protection of the goddess Aphrodite.
 The oleander therefore symbolizes the chosen one but also the courage and lucky blow of destiny. Being the poisonous plant was used in magic only for potions and rituals in order to damage and cancel someone or something. But the oleander is well suited to nobler purposes as it also represents beauty, long life, courage, knowing how to resist, and above all it is the triad, “the union of the mutable with the immutable” as Pliny taught us.
In ancient times it was used in the rituals of death and the wood was used burned to drive out enemies, in fact the wood smoke is very harmful and poisonous. Even in the rituals of separation or removal often the flowers are used or to make protective bags to hang at home using wood or oleander leaves.

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