Dandelion is a wonder herb, regulates digestion, nourishes the liver and bile, helps with rheumatism, dissolves kidney stones, can disappear pimples and chronic skin disease increases dandelion gastric secretion, stimulates appetite and also antispasmodic, resulting in the precipitation of a thin liquid bile and improves fat metabolism.
Since the dandelion having antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it can be used for the treatment and healing of wounds and prevent infection.
Even pain and itching due to insect bites or stings can alleviated by the application of the vegetable juice from the stalks or the root of the dandelion werden.der juice of the stems is poisonous and should never be not applied internally from the roots can be wonderful tinctures to treat rheumatism, tension and gouty manufacture.
The magic is the plant from curses, but mischief also used in rituals around the Wunschbestellungmangewendet and. When invocations to the goddess Hektate-they awarded devoted to actual protection, cunning and strength, a chain of dried dandelion root is traditionally worn.

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