Cultivate in your garden or in your balcony some Camomile ? It’s great not only for preparing herbal teas, but also for natural protection and in addition to herbs for purification.

It is used in magic in magic bags to attract real love and improve the financial situation or attract money when we really need it because it was called the plant the player’s grass because it was used by desperate people who used the game to get back and have luck.

Many of the old so-called witches, skilled in magic and healing, used chamomile and beautiful-haired to seduce the wounded before surgery when they did not have anesthetic. So beware of the beautiful lady who is also highly poisonous. They used to put chamomile bags near the bed to favor the beautiful dreams and a quiet sleep but also to recall psychic dreams and prophetic visions. Being a plant that grows free and the best of its qualities growing outdoors she enjoys both the sunlight and the moonlight so absorbs their influences and transmits them when we use the camomile. So – for example – an infusion will not only be relaxing at a psychological level but it will give us clarity on the mental level.

A purifying and soothing bath? Put in a large organza or gauze bag of chamomile and fresh mint flowers. Close well and pass on the body to even have a velvety effect or leave in the bath water at about 37 degrees for about before diving.

To burn it as incense we collect it in time and let it dry and then we could burn it.

For the drying process do not rush and let it dry naturally not in the oven that needs to dry its properties. Let us always remind ourselves that old traditions are the best because working with plants alone – picking and picking them up and setting them up to dry them helps us concentrate but also creates a special relationship with the plant itself and it will reward us with the best.

An oil to burn candles or make anti-spicy massages?

Fill a glass jar with flowers and chamomile leaves and fill with fine olive oil to the edge. No bubbles should be formed so that the chamomile is pressed firmly with a wooden ladle and then close and hold for 4 weeks in a place where direct sunlight does not reach. Every day, turn the jar and check that no bubbles have been removed and if necessary add other flowers and leaves. After 4 weeks filter into a colander where you also have gauze restraint and press the flowers and the leaves well. Your oil is ready to be used and if you want to use it warm for massage, remember to heat it in a bain-marie.

Even in the field of medicine, flowers have been used for a long time since the camomile has many properties such as anti-inflammatory, antimycotic and antinevralgic and antispasmodic.

You can prepare wraps for anti-cyclising exterior use and against small skin ulcers and swelling in the eyes and scans for inflammation and pain and pain in the mouth.

The old balies used to give the chamomile to babies to let them sleep or calm the belly but not the pregnant women as the chamomile favors uterine contractions.


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