The Clover in Lenormand

The Clover is a card that is called the little happiness because the life of the four-leaf clover is very short and gives a little happiness or courtesy or even small fortunes as a small win or a small success. A surprise an unexpected improvement.

The four-leaf clover is not a strong card but can be influenced by nearby cards.

In the timing it indicates a short time ranging from two days to two weeks and if interpreted as a person indicates someone who will not have a particular importance in your life or someone who will remain short in your life or a superficial acquaintance. The card also indicates hope and a small change in fact brings a new outlet or a small transformation so when it comes to that you have to take it on the fly and take action immediately.

Beware of the cards nearby and those that are above and below because they will give us a lot of information on what the four-leaf clover means or better define its characteristics and qualities or situations or give us an explanation on a situation. It should never be interpreted alone or we will run the risk of making major predictions.

In pregnancies, it may indicate twins or birth in the short or a few weeks after conception. In love, he shows us a passing and not important story or two men. In the work a small increase or a fixed-term or half-day job.

The seed – 6 of paintings – symbolizes material things and depicts an evolving present time and advises caution and not to be overwhelmed by enthusiasm.

The card is the second of the Lenormand’s deck and symbolizes communication but also rivalry and union. the 2 and the 6 – 3 times two – reinforce the meaning of thought-concentration-dualism birth of something small.


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