Rune Algiz

ALGIZ, also called Elahz or Ihwar, is a protection rune. Algiz is more of a help, it is a very strong and effective protective shield. Its shape symbolizes the open hand that gives protection but remember the horns of the moose and the deer, symbols of rebirth, abbey and fertility. Algiz represents the realization of our magic and spiritual journey, it infuses us into self-confidence, intuitions, allows us to connect with divine, courage.

If you throw it straight this rune advises us that it’s time to stop being afraid and risking a new path, be it in love or career or idea. It certainly warns us that we are protected both in hostile situations and in contact with people who can pose a danger, but it invites us to reason and follow ourselves and our sixth sense.

If thrown upside down the rune warns us of being cautious and not acting impulsively and imprudent. # Larunaalgiz # upside down also symbolizes being surrounded by untrustworthy people and negative energies so we must be ready to defend ourselves and keep our eyes open to identify obstacles and dangers.

He invites us to help other people without letting us abuse our self-sacrifice and be repugnant to ourselves.

Rite to reject hostile forces and negative energies:

Concentrate and image from you, you create a circle of red shields in which # runaalgiz # is symbolized. This wizard must grow thicker to envelop you completely as if you were born into an egg. Try to feel the strength of the rune and its great protective capability.

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