Clearing bath

Important is before or after a magic spell or just to get rid of energy we absorb? I teach you one easy.
you can do using our pure Sardinian salt, mixed with fresh or dried herbs, charged with our energy or with the light and the energy of the full moon, and let’s use it !!! let’s put in a linen bag and massagge yourself while bathing increasingly focusing on the purpose of the bath.
we can also add salt of the Himalayas or the Epson salts.
We can impregnate the salt- few days before-with the juice of a fruit, such as lemon for protection, add chopped fresh sage and maybe the grains of incense. To encourage the rebirth, new beginning mixed rosemary, cinnamon and palo santo or myrrh. to regenerate our energy: ginger, anise or fennel, mint or replace a plant with a resin as elemi. To promote healing? Chamomile, dammar and orange peel or chili.

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