Perth ist die Rune der Veränderung, ist die Rune, die uns das Leben mit Optimismus und Mut zur Veränderung zum schauen drängt, lehrt uns, dass das Schicksal ist das Gesamtergebnis der Beschlüsse und Entscheidungen, die wir in unserem Leben nehmen und damit eine aktive Haltung uebernehmen und die Realitaet die wir leben wollen zu erstellen … Continue reading Perth

The snake- Card 7 in the Lenormand

7 THE Snake The snake is a strong card of the Lenormand deck and, like all the others, it must be interpreted while remaining attentive to the neighboring cards. As a person's card represents a female figure over 30 or accompanied by a male card may represent either its character quality or the mother of … Continue reading The snake- Card 7 in the Lenormand

How meditate and relax with runes

DI ROSSANA FRONGIA ... if you  copy quote the source :)) Runic Alphabet: Futhark The word rune derives from the murmur of secret knowledge. this symbolize the runes: transmission, signs of nature, Primordial forces of nature. There are many different runic alphabets, but the first six runes are all the alphabets are common and identical. … Continue reading How meditate and relax with runes

The Fish in Lenormand cards

The Fish Card, number 34, in the Lenormand Sibylis cards, is a very significant and fascinating card and for beginners difficult to interpret for its multiple meanings. The fish card is a strong card, which is capable of influencing the other cards, and is a pretty good card. In a love consultation and reading , … Continue reading The Fish in Lenormand cards

The Chariot

The chariot is one of the most complex cards to define, is a card of contradictions.The charioteer wears emblems of the sun, yet the sign behind this card is Cancer, armored warrior, sun/moon symbols, lingam and yoni symbol , black and white sphinxes/lions, The chariot is all about motion, and yet it is often shown … Continue reading The Chariot

5 of swords

In  the esoteric tradition has various meanings. In interpretation of time denotes something sudden, unexpected thick that comes with violence, bringing conflicts and problems. 5 of swords symbolizes the paper of the loss, of loneliness, even a positive resolution of a problem or situation but with a loss of margin and bitterness. Denotes physical and emotional … Continue reading 5 of swords

The Devil in Tarot cards

In the Rider Waite Tarot the Devil is sitting on a small altar where they are chained two naked figures, male and female. In the right hand raised depicted on the palm he has the astrological glyph of Saturn. In his left hand he holds a lighted torch. In front of this is an inverted … Continue reading The Devil in Tarot cards

4 of the cups

The 4 of the tarot cups shows us a person sitting in arms and legs almost holding back all their energy and not taking them outside. His face shows traits closed and thoughtful, unhappy and dissatisfied, bored and ungrateful. Despite the cups being a symbol of well-being and fullness, the character shows that he has … Continue reading 4 of the cups

The Hermit

Glamorous and rich in meaning, card number 9 of the Greatest Arcans: Hermit. The Hermit is on top of a snow-capped mountain and holds a bright and luminous lantern and a stick. Dressed in gray and hooded with his head lowered almost in reflection and loneliness but also in respect of light. The Hermit Seems … Continue reading The Hermit

9 Cards spread

The 9-card spread reading: a method that allows us a really deep mine on a situation and its developments but also on the characteristics and intentions of the people involved. This reading is very much used with the 36 cards of Lenormand Sibille cards, and those who have a thorough knowledge of other card decks … Continue reading 9 Cards spread


This method of reading is used with the major Arcana of the Tarot and is read in two different ways. It should be used to understand and sharply and profoundly detail a person's personality in both his subconscious and his conscious. So also what a person tries to repress or hide. FIRST READING: It represents … Continue reading THE STAR SPREAD

The card The Keys in Lenormand

The number 33 card of the Sibyls of Lenormand is the Key: a very favorable and positive card in itself but able to influence the other cards, reinforcing the meaning both in negative and positive. The key has two meanings: on the one hand it opens or closes a door and on the other gives … Continue reading The card The Keys in Lenormand

The Clover in Lenormand

The Clover is a card that is called the little happiness because the life of the four-leaf clover is very short and gives a little happiness or courtesy or even small fortunes as a small win or a small success. A surprise an unexpected improvement. The four-leaf clover is not a strong card but can … Continue reading The Clover in Lenormand


A rune with great significance and primordial force. Mannaz is the man, the humanity, the ancestors. also symbolizes the union between the divine and the human and the divine in us, it also symbolizes the primordial beginning, the cosmic egg that is a divine reality that is still to be able to transform, menstruation, the … Continue reading MANNNAZ


The meaning of URUZ is "aurochs", the wild bull who lived moors. It symbolizes a wild energy, uninhibited, untouched that uncontrolled can become aggressive. This energy is pure and can be shaped and inidirizzata our willpower creating big changes in life. Uruz embodies our primal instinct that wins all the destructive forces and strength of … Continue reading Uruz


Berkana Bjarka also called, is the rune that is associated with birch, a very positive rune that expresses and symbolizes femininity in all the most hidden meanings, from announcement of pregnancy to women, to children but also to be understood as ferticlità fertile ideas , conceiving ideas, implement and achieve something, but also to start … Continue reading Berkana


It will called Raitho, Raid too and symbolizes the chariot of the God Thor, then travel, movement, change and transformation. As for the trips not only represents those materials, then go away, traveling from one place to another but also a voyage of discovery of ourselves, a journey into our inner self that can happen because … Continue reading RAIDO

Rune Algiz

ALGIZ, also called Elahz or Ihwar, is a protection rune. Algiz is more of a help, it is a very strong and effective protective shield. Its shape symbolizes the open hand that gives protection but remember the horns of the moose and the deer, symbols of rebirth, abbey and fertility. Algiz represents the realization of … Continue reading Rune Algiz

Ingwaz, Ing, Inguz

Twentieth Rune: Ingwaz, also called Ing and Inguz, is a defined earthly rune representing fertility and life in seed and seed. In fact, Ingwaw is an awakening and a departure from lethargy, a potential just discovered in us, a new life cycle or a material project that takes shape. This is a very strong rune … Continue reading Ingwaz, Ing, Inguz