Perth ist die Rune der Veränderung, ist die Rune, die uns das Leben mit Optimismus und Mut zur Veränderung zum schauen drängt, lehrt uns, dass das Schicksal ist das Gesamtergebnis der Beschlüsse und Entscheidungen, die wir in unserem Leben nehmen und damit eine aktive Haltung uebernehmen und die Realitaet die wir leben wollen zu erstellen... Continue Reading →

The Chariot

The chariot is one of the most complex cards to define, is a card of contradictions.The charioteer wears emblems of the sun, yet the sign behind this card is Cancer, armored warrior, sun/moon symbols, lingam and yoni symbol , black and white sphinxes/lions, The chariot is all about motion, and yet it is often shown... Continue Reading →

5 of swords

In  the esoteric tradition has various meanings. In interpretation of time denotes something sudden, unexpected thick that comes with violence, bringing conflicts and problems. 5 of swords symbolizes the paper of the loss, of loneliness, even a positive resolution of a problem or situation but with a loss of margin and bitterness. Denotes physical and emotional... Continue Reading →

The Hermit

Glamorous and rich in meaning, card number 9 of the Greatest Arcans: Hermit. The Hermit is on top of a snow-capped mountain and holds a bright and luminous lantern and a stick. Dressed in gray and hooded with his head lowered almost in reflection and loneliness but also in respect of light. The Hermit Seems... Continue Reading →

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