Mariegold magic recipe

Recipe for an anti-inflammatory oil, with a healing and soothing action, promotes the regeneration of tissues and calming. Fill a sterilized glass jar of flowers or marigold petals, then pour almond oil or mixed oil of virgin olive oil and seed oil and fill various shaking it not to create bubbles, flowers must be completely... Continue Reading →

Scrub recipes

Recipe for my cellulite scrub  with coffee! scrub: Before you make a nice coffee-)))) uses the coffee - lukewarm powder, mix with brown sugar and if you want a bit of fresh grated peperoncino or the seeds that are inside, more resembling more pike helps microcirculation, otherwise needles of fresh rosemary, united everything with olive... Continue Reading →

Easy smokes recipes

Today I recommend the ingredients for  some easy magic smokes. Smoke to gain doubts for clarity and clarity: stellaria, incense and sandalwood. Incense for every ritual: Incense, Myrre, Damiana. Smoke for finding true love: incense, 3 red rose petals, lavender or cinnamon powder. Smoke for protection in protection and banish ritual: Teuefelsblut, incense,To solve the... Continue Reading →

Magic bags

Magic bag for the night to keep under your pillow and mattress to ward off nightmares, night visions, visits by negative beings and promote sleep, night cap and prophetic dreams. Put back into an small bag of silk or gold colored canvas or a small white chalcedony, a lavender sprigs or a white rose bud... Continue Reading →

The magic knotes and ritual

Of ancient Celtic and northern Germanic origin, node magic unleashes a fascinating magical tradition that has since handed on from generation to generation until today. It is said that and Celtic sailors brought with them on their long journeys, a cin rope which had been twisted by a witch 3 nodes, these nodes the witch... Continue Reading →

Samhain Ritual

Ritual of Samhain to start over and begin a new path, a new phase of life and let go of the past. Put in a small table, stool or chair, a white candle, a black candle, two sheets of paper, a bottle of magic ink and pen or a bird feather you Found- modern replacement... Continue Reading →

Finding your energetic place

What are the energetic places? Find Yours! Energy sites are places where special energies are emanating from very strong and deep vibrations. Not only us - like all things - we are enveloped in an electromagnetic field, but the planet Earth is in it and in the Earth when crossing the particular electromagnetic lines create... Continue Reading →


Handfasting means union of the hands. The handfasting is the symbol of German weddings, Celtic, pagan.In some countries this very ancient civil marriage is legally valid . the origins of handfasting born in pagan countries about in 1200. Formerly handfasting was the first promise, the official engagement which lasted a year and a day, the... Continue Reading →


October, the month in which the astral doors are open and there we can connect with the afterlife to receive or send thoughts, messages, requests. The month in which the forces and energies are powerful. We want to send a small gift to our beloved ancestor? But we do not want direct contact? so no... Continue Reading →

Clearing bath

Important is before or after a magic spell or just to get rid of energy we absorb? I teach you one easy. you can do using our pure Sardinian salt, mixed with fresh or dried herbs, charged with our energy or with the light and the energy of the full moon, and let's use it... Continue Reading →

Power of tree

When you notice that you think too much and your brain makes up in smoke or you are at risk burn out, go to the nature or the countryside or forest or sea or river, and if you can walk barefoot trying to stand under the trees and to concentrate yourself only on what you... Continue Reading →

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