39 Angel in the Jewish tradition is REHAEL. This Angel belongs to the Coro degli Angeli Potestà 10th to 15th in Libra Guardian Angel of the born from 4 October to 8 October The gift that bestows is: Respect You can pray these days and hours to get: April 29: ingenuity July 13: imagination September... Continue Reading →

Magic oils

Preparing a magic oil is simple but of course you have to know the meaning of the plants you will use and above all you must concentrate on the purpose for which you prepare the oil. The so-called witches, anciently and originally did not possess essential oils as we have today therefore they prepared the... Continue Reading →

The magic Circle: What is it and its symbolism

In almost all esoteric traditions the magic circle acquires a unique importance and particularly in magic rituals but also in esoteric protection. The Magic circle symbolizes the border between earthly reality and magical reality, is the site where performing the ritual protection is greatest, in fact very often is called the circle of protection. The... Continue Reading →

TELEPATHY: what is and how to develop it

TELEPATHY: what is and how to develop it Telepathy is a form of extrasensory perception and transmission of images or mental thoughts between people or persons or animals, without the use of other senses. Very often it is an uncontrollable faculty for those who have received this gift since birth. Learning to communicate telepathically requires... Continue Reading →

INTROSPEKTION: the first step towards magic and spirituality

The first important step towards true knowledge of ourselves and our abilities is introspection. A technique that allows us to have the true knowledge of our unconscious and subconscious and in the future gives us the ability to discern sensations, energies, prejudices and thoughts from that of unknown entities but also to strengthen our character.This... Continue Reading →

The power of affirmations

Affirmations are phrases that act on all levels by transforming ourselves and part of reality by creating positive or reflecting situations or features and eliminating negative ones. The most important thing is to free some of the beliefs we have and often are negative either by habit or lack of self-esteem or because we always fall into the same problem as if we were living in a well-defined and negative mental pattern. This is the main problem for which statements often do not work. All that we say or think of are energy vibrations that attract the same energy so it would really be useless to say something and at the same time think and believe the exact opposite.It does not make sense to believe that the statements act on their own but we really have to have faith and think continually in a positive way and never doubt the outcome. The more we have any uncertainties and the less doubts the statements will work.

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