The queen: Oak

The oak (Quercus Peduncolata) was venerated as a wise tree and a woman's tree because it is said to be the tree of transformation because the roots touch the heart of the Earth reaching the Mother Goddess and her branches protect her children. Each Celtic village had its own sacred oak and if someone left,... Continue Reading →


The oleander (Nerium oleander), due to the fact that its leaves are arranged in groups of three, in ancient times symbolized the harmony of the universe as stated by Pythagoras "is the existence in which the Immutable and the Mutable are joined ". The plant is poisonous and if it is ingested, symptoms such as... Continue Reading →

Juniper in magic and healing

Fascinating and majestic, always present in the magical and healing traditions, the juniper (Juniperus Communis) is a portentous plant. The juniper is a bushy and evergreen shrub. It symbolizes the strength of fire and the warmth of the sun, the power of masculine energies and the pursuit of freedom, helps to free the anger and... Continue Reading →

Green Aventurine

 The aventurine is a very special and effective stone in fact, since ancient times it was very famous in Tibet, where, according to the legend, it could give the sight and cure myopia. in fact the tibetan statues had their eyes in aventurine, to give them the power to watch over the man. the aventurina,... Continue Reading →


The laurel ( laurus nobilis) is a plant much used in magic and healing. Laurel has many qualities: purification, wealth, success, protection, strengthens the quality prophetic. It is burned before a ritual, pulverized, to clean up space, to ward off negativity. It is also used as a talisman to attract wealth, just take three sprigs... Continue Reading →

Borage, a healing Herbal

The herb borage has great property against the sadness and fear, the Antici Romans and Celts drank wine before battles in which they put the leaves of borage to increase courage. leaves or flowers drunk in an infusion or boiled and eaten in salad are used against melancholy, to give joy, against anxiety, against the... Continue Reading →


my ginger grows and grows! Ginger, the root of the many healing properties, a natural antibiotic and inflammation, against colds, cough, phlegm, headache, rheumatism, gastrointestinal problems, neuralgia. lthough it a powerful ally in green magic as giving protection, it is an aphrodisiac to be used in rituals of love, gives energy and determination. better effects... Continue Reading →

Sage the miracle Herbal

Sage is a plant well known in our kitchens. the Romans and the Chinese believed that the sage had the power to give the longevity and preserve from death. it was used in folk medicine as a healing, oral anti-inflammatory, to treat difficult wounds to close, against fever and cough, helps memory, also used against... Continue Reading →


The pomegranatetree ( Punica Granatum L.) in magic is a symbol of good luck, fruitfulness and brotherhood, in the magic hebraich symbolizes honesty and purity of feelings and fairness and wisdom. For the Jewish and Christians was one of the seven divine trees of the Garden of Eden. The Celtic people regarded him as a... Continue Reading →

Pinecone in magic

The pine cone in magic symbolizes regeneration both in life and in bodily injury and psicologic.for the Masons was a symbol of enlightenment, resurrection, eternal life and regeneration. The Celtic people used the pine cones in rituals to build tha magic circle to protect .often was also used in the magic of love and rituals... Continue Reading →

The Misltetoe

Druids used it in sacred ceremonies and celebrations of purification, while Celti- who called oloiacet- believed that this' tree was born where lightning had fallen and that a particular drink made from this plant was a powerful elixir against sterility. It was a symbol of resurrection and survival, symbol of the Moon because the berries... Continue Reading →

The Myrtle

The myrtle plant was considered sacred by the Romans and Greeks and symbolized the blackberries in all its forms, from the search for true love, the creation of family, fertility, aphrodisiac, to protect the family from external attachhi, the purification of the house and the people, peace, harmony, prosperity. The legend says that Venus -Dea... Continue Reading →

Passion flower

The Passion flower is a beautiful healing plant, is an extraordinary remedy, much used in medicine and ancient healing technique and herbal medicine, thanks to its properties and characteristics. It possesses antispasmodic qualities, calming sedative and anxiolytic, in fact continental flavonoids, rich in phenolic acids and phytosterols. The passion flower is the best remedy to... Continue Reading →

The Hazeltree

The hazel tree belongs to the family of the core Betullacee, of this plant are used fruit, bark, leaves and flowers ... everything! For the Celts was an important tree, they believed in the existence of a source, the well of Connle, on which were the branches of the nine hazels of poetic art and... Continue Reading →

The Almond tree

The first tree to bloom in the spring is the almond tree, and why in almost all ancient traditions symbolizes the rebirth of nature, the resurrection, fertility and pregnancy, but also the symbol of what life is short. Often even the almond tree blooms in late winter symbolizing not only the revival but also hope,... Continue Reading →


Lavender is a plant rich in essential oils that give it an antispasmodic and sedative action on the nervous system is use a case of anxiety, agitation, nervousness, headaches and chronic migraines, stress and insomnia. Its active ingredients play a soothing and balsamic action on the respiratory system, combined with the mint is used with... Continue Reading →


The mimosa name comes from the greek mime, that actor who expresses feelings and states, this is because some species of mimosas are very sensitive to light and touch and seems to be turned away almost shyly. In the language of the mimosa flower is shyness, modesty, morality but also in modern times mystery and... Continue Reading →

Yarrow -Achillea

the plant yarrow - Achillea millefolium- is very important in magic and healing for its effect. already in the old antique folk medicine due to its many essential oils and pebbles we find the yarrow as antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory remedy. it was employed as blood breastfeeding, as a tea relieves abdominal pain and bloating, stomach... Continue Reading →

The fig tree

The fig tree is a plant that is in the magic that hides in the healing knowledge and an ancient usage. In Sardinia, the fig tree has an ambiguous meaning as in magic is said to the fig tree is the house of the devil and evil spirits, and sleep under a fig tree brings... Continue Reading →

The eucalyptus

The eucalyptus name is two Greek words, eu ie well and kalypto ie hide. The eucalyptus is a plant of healing as it has a special place in herbal medicine is that the magic of healing that in traditional medicine. Very often it was planted near factories or stations to purify the air. The plant... Continue Reading →


Dandelion is a wonder herb, regulates digestion, nourishes the liver and bile, helps with rheumatism, dissolves kidney stones, can disappear pimples and chronic skin disease increases dandelion gastric secretion, stimulates appetite and also antispasmodic, resulting in the precipitation of a thin liquid bile and improves fat metabolism. Since the dandelion having antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties,... Continue Reading →

The pine tree

The pine tree has the virtues of balsamic, antiseptic, antibiotic and especially against influence, soretrhoat with bronchial complications, sinusitis, asthma and chronic cystitis. In magic using the pine cones to promote fertility and fecundity, while the needles mixed with the resin are used to ward off evil spirits and downs and reject invoices and curses... Continue Reading →


 Helichrysum is a well known plant in the magic, herbalism and medicine since ancient times. Pliny and Dioscorides considered the everlasting a universal remedy for most ailments of the human body due to the myriad of its active ingredients. The Helichrysum name comes from the greek words Helios the Sun God and Crysos ie gold.... Continue Reading →

The rate- Taxus baccata-

The rate- Taxus baccata- is a very important tree in magic. This conifer is also called the Tree of Death, because the whole plant, especially the berries contain a high rate of tassina, a powerful alkaloid, which is a poison for immediate lethal effect by acting on the nervous system and causing shortness of breath,... Continue Reading →

Nettle the little miracle

Nettle is one of the most important plants in medicine and healing alternatives and in the magic tradition. It belongs to Urticacee. Rich in iron and folic acid is used against anemia and arthritis and diarrhea. In fact, the folic acid contained in the abundant chlorophylline of the leaves stimulates the production of red blood... Continue Reading →


Surprising rosemary - rosmarinus officinalis. Not only in the kitchen to flavor our dishes but in the magic and medicinal tradition rosemary takes on great significance. Already in the European countryside there was already a bunch of rosemary hanging out to divert spirits and to protect the home. The memory plant was defined. In magic... Continue Reading →

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