Breathing for protection

This exercise is to use it for protection against negative emotions you absorb from other people. Close your eyes and breathe deeply three times through the nose. As you do imagine that white light and positive universe penetrates into your lungs and energized your physical body. As you exhale through your mouth, imagine that your... Continue Reading →

Finding your energetic place

What are the energetic places? Find Yours! Energy sites are places where special energies are emanating from very strong and deep vibrations. Not only us - like all things - we are enveloped in an electromagnetic field, but the planet Earth is in it and in the Earth when crossing the particular electromagnetic lines create... Continue Reading →

The heart chakra

The heart chakra called Anahata is the fourth main chakras. It symbolizes the ability to love emotionally that is the pure love that isemathy comes from the heart that unites and connects soul, spirit and body, so there is an external sessualhis love and radiates it becomes compassion. And the courage chakra to be themselves,... Continue Reading →

Red colour in the aura

RED in the aura color is a very important color if it appears in our aura, especially if it is the most colour we find in the aura. That is the color of passion, the strength, the will, the aggressiveness, the materiality, the dynamism, the anger that seeks the result of the changes, of desire,... Continue Reading →

Crown chakra

The Chakra of the Crown - Sahasrara - the seventh chakra - is at the top of the head - what is commonly called the children's fountain - and governs the pineal gland and the nervous system. It is linked to purple color and is also known as the Lotus by a thousand petals. This... Continue Reading →

Green color in the aura

GREEN color contains two definite meanings, namely stability and being rooted and helping other people in many forms, such as medical and paramedical professions, but also teaching or therapeutic sports. More the green is electric especially in the area of ​​the arms and hands the closer you are to have the qualities of the healing... Continue Reading →

The Sacral chakra

Mooladhara, also called by Hindu Swadhistana, is the sacral chakra, one of the main chakras. In Sanskrit it means root while for Hindus it means dwelling, and it is the chakra placed at the base of the vertebral column under the sacrum. When you hear talk of awakening the energy of Kundalini you work with... Continue Reading →

Blue color in the aura

The blue color indicates intellectual and spiritual faculties. Indicated as a cold color that evokes calm, calm and silence. Symbolize proximity to tranquility, altruism, mental openness, continuous evolution. You must always interpret the colors together and observe the proximity of the chakras and the golden field, but also the quality of the aura. Even in... Continue Reading →

Pink colour in the aura

Pink is often found in the auras - emotional aura - of teenagers and children. It indicates immaturity, joy, need and desire to play, naivety, harmony, altruism, simplicity, fun, love for other people and ones, purity, sincerity, being oneself. In adults, the pink color assumes meaning with different variations: desire to get out of solitude... Continue Reading →

The Violet Flame

The violet flame is the inheritance left of the enlightened master Saint Germain.La flame and the essence of the spiritual light of the transformation, the light of freedom, of forgiveness and purification. Having the highest frequency in the spectrum of visible light, purple is the transition point between visible light and non-visible light, between the... Continue Reading →

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