The beaver

the Beaver who let you connect with the moon and its influence and dreams- psyche and Subconscious and give you an very deep intuition. this Animal totem is symbolic of family, balance and building your dream into real life. Beaver is a diligently animal and maintains its own habitat with good work and patience. this... Continue Reading →

The whale

All the totem animals connected to the water holds symbolize feelings and feelings related to emotions, to the subconscious, where they flow very deep inside us, in fact the totem of the whale is full of deep emotions, to the fact that we can realize what we do not know of ourselves that lies deep... Continue Reading →

The fox

This power spiritual animal is a great wise guide when you are facing tricky situations because the fox give you the ability to find your way around - quick thinking and adaptability. by channeling the animal totem tell you that it is developing and awakeinig your physical alertness and responsiveness and let you dream and... Continue Reading →

The ram

The ram is like the aries: symbolic of impetuous fervor, renewal, determination, action and leadership. the ram will communicate you that you are going into a new phase in your life and a new cycle in which you are getting new personal and spiritual power and you will be offered a lot of opportunity. this... Continue Reading →

The lynx

It is said that the lynx totem knows everything, all the mysteries even those forgotten, belong to it. It brings the secrets in dreams through the symbols and symbolizes the strong inner light, the ability to unmask those who play the double game. The lynx is an animal that has exceptional hearing and vision and... Continue Reading →

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