Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael, on September 29, today is his day, his name means Who is like God? MI KA-EL He is known and revered in almost all religions as one who with his army fought against the demons and the prince of inferi.In some traditions is regarded Jesus as the incarnation of the archangel on Terra.Viene... Continue Reading →


Beautiful prayer of Haziel, angeologist and French writer on the angel - genius of the Jewish cabbal Sehaliah, to whom I feel immensely bound by having given as my second name to my own baby Sehaliah. Also known as Seheliah and Saeliah, his name is formed by the Hebrew letters Sitael Alef Lamed Yod He... Continue Reading →

Jeremiel- Remiel

Often confused with the prophet Jeremiah is an archangel of apocryphal books, that is, books that were not recognized as sacred by Christian and Jewish traditions. Over the centuries the Church did not approve the devotion of the faithful to the angels and decided during the various canonical councils to "drop some of them into... Continue Reading →

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