Rune Jera : abundance and cycle of life

The Rune Jera, also called Jeran or Jeraz, is a rune of quite similar symbolism in all the Nordic runic traditions.
Its main meaning is abundance, fertile land, harvest.
The twelfth Rune that encompasses the 12 months of a year, the winter solstice therefore a period full of expectations and hopes but also omens for the new year.
Jera, therefore, represents the end of a cycle and the new beginning, acceptance of what has been and hope for what will come, the reward for the efforts made but also the advice not to give up on events and continue to work hard.
The seed gives the harvest if the Earth is worked and Nature is respected, a completion that we find in the figure of Jera itself, as two figures that complement each other but are not united. We are what unites, our accepting an eternal human and natural cycle, accepting natural movements and events without fighting them but benefiting from them. Like two figures that meet, on the one hand it symbolizes the masculine strength and on the other hand the feminine one,
In the rituals of abundance and prosperity, in the magical bags, in the celebrations of thanksgiving the rune Jera is used, to invoke the power of time, of Nature, of cycles, of success.
In fact, Jera always brings with it a positive change or rather it shows the change in its concrete form, it is the rune of being patient, it portends harvest, success, abundance, a pregnancy, but invites us not to challenge fate with impulsive acts. It is also defined the Rune of Karma and incarnations, a life dies and is reborn, the eternal karmic cycle, an invitation to observe our actions and consider the consequences and the weight.
So in the readings that refer to Karma always check the runes that you will throw before and after the Rune Jera, to understand the consequences and causes. This rune also indicates a time of inner maturation, transformation and growth within ourselves, an evolution that will bring about changes. It is associated with the oak tree, a tree sacred to Zeus, a symbol of strength and justice but also of connection between the earthly world, lower worlds and higher worlds. An evergreen tree that represents life in rebirth and change.
As a talisman to favor a period of change or transition, to succeed in a sale or career to have a promotion, a raise, find a satisfying job, in love to meet the right person. You can write it or carve it on an oak branch and take it with you, or even plant a sprig on which you write or engrave the rune.

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