Crystals to let go

Sometimes we have relationships with people, friends or family, who, seen from the outside, seem almost like living in symbiosis. Often this situation must be accepted by both people for a long period of time and then, almost suddenly, this situation begins to annoy one of the people, to be an almost close situation and feels too attached to the other person, emotionally dependent and also limited in his personal freedom. A client tells me that she feels almost overwhelmed by this bond with her mother, as if theirs were a morbid and unhealthy attachment and she was unable to progress in her personal and professional life because of this relationship.
She tells her that after so many years of living without making important decisions on her own, she now wants to go back to being the master of her own life.

This can happen to all of us. Like a rope that is pulled for years by two people and suddenly one of them begins to loosen. One seeks freedom and instead one tries to hold this person even stronger to himself, but why?
The reasons for this behavior can be various and different.
The promo of these is psychological, a person focuses so much on living attached to another that he can no longer conceive a life in which he is a single individual, he becomes almost like a parasite, unconsciously or consciously inculcating feelings of guilt in this person , if it wants to embark on a new path alone, it feels almost betrayed and left in the lurch. on the other hand there are also karmic reasons, a soul could be be the master soul of the other and that one cannot learn or karmic knots exist between the two souls to untie. Another cause could be fear: the fear of not knowing how to manage life alone, fear of being abandoned and not finding another person who can understand and support us and like this we try to hold back. A client tells of a friend who, by giving her advice, almost tried to manipulate and shape her like her. She tried to change her tastes in dressing, in cooking, in the way of thinking about various situations and she almost perceived it as taking possession of her personality and fusing them together. Another older client tells about her mother and she : using her role as mother she makes her addicted to her. She needs it, to know that she is useful and important for the daughter, as if she were still a child and it seems she has lost track of the time of her personal growth and maturation, she still sees her as a child and not as an adult. In her unconscious, however, she remain dependent of the mother as if not to disappoint her and not make her suffer and not disrespect her.
There is absolutely nothing magical about it but humanly, consciously or not, she could ruin relationships with men, friends and limits the personal and business grow of the daughter.

How can the crystals help us to regain our identity and slowly detach ourselves from this person, without wanting to ban him from our life, but by integrating the person into our life and helping him to find himself?

Better is if you both work together or wear complementary crystals that act even if the other person is unaware of his power. Please try to get pure Crystals, not so much worked, polished and painted, the coarser and purer the crystal, the stronger its connection with you and the earth.
You have to wear a Rock crystal that you can hold on the crown chakra, trying not to think and letting the thoughts go. It doesn’t matter if the first few times you fall asleep because this crystal is a purifying crystal but also an activator of your energies and channels contact with your both spirits. But by doing this, you can feel signs of fatigue from the expenditure and transformation of energy. Your energies are not more bounded because of all the fights and the conflicts and the bound must restored.
Give to the other person a black onyx in form of a little pendant which is the greatest protector that exists in the field of stones. But it is also a great help psychologically: it helps to improve concentration, to bring clarity to confused thoughts and to overcome states of depression and sadness. Onyx absorbs negative energies but at the same time will help her to go down. Emotionally she has no balance: she can be too close in herself or the extreme side communicate in a wrong way and too emotionally.

Then you can combine these other two crystals:

Labradorite for you
On the other hand, from an emotional and behavioral point of view, one of the properties of Labradorite is to absorb negativity: to do this, just take a piece of it in your pocket and rub it with your fingers when you feel you need to protect yourself.
It is also said that this stone stimulates charm, helping to attract the desired person and mitigates jealousy-
It is useful as a calming, to increase wisdom, for dreams and to raise the psychism / mysticism.
Labradorite is a stone much used by healers, as it stimulates energy to flow from the solar plexus and the Heart Chakra to the hands.
It is a stone that evolves with the person who wears it or who uses it.
Labradorite is the mirror of our soul, makes us understand who we are, awakens the hidden qualities allowing our realization. Highlight our goals and intentions.
Promotes the depth of feelings. Stimulates imagination, creativity and gives enthusiasm.

To the other person:
It has a strong spiritual connotation. It is considered a rebalancing stone, which brings calm and concentration, placating the most aggressive instincts and promoting humility, justice and honesty. It purifies and opens the mind to what surrounds us, regenerating the levels of consciousness and projecting us towards higher and higher potentials. Amethyst is the emblem of the spiritual transformation towards a greater understanding of love at the expense of selfishness. Keeping the amethyst close allows one to face the problems from the right perspective. Looking through the lens of this quartz helps to see everything in a new dimension. The insurmountable problems take up the right dimensions and the events will no longer enslave the person, but will be allies to achieve the goals.

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