Journey into the inner child in chat lasting 60 minutes.

The Inner Child Guided Journey is an amazing individual journey into your inner child to heal him and release you together from the shackles of the past

The inner child is a part of our psyche, where all positive and negative experiences, primal sensations, deep instincts, patterns of behavior and thinking are hidden.
This affects our daily life, our feelings and the way we express and live them, our bonds and our decisions.
Most people have lost or reduced contact with their inner child, especially if the person has experienced negative experiences, trauma, abuse during childhood. Very often the psyche tends to make us forget these experiences, to hide them in a drawer of our psyche but this does not help to solve the problems and secondly if these experiences are not processed they continue to influence us until the appearance of psychosomatic disorders that can come from untreated wounds of the injured inner child.
It can symbolically help to heal the inner child through a path within us which is a kind of treatment and INDIVIDUAL GUIDED TRIP that allows us to reconnect with our inner child and allows us to work with him, with the wounds of the past and of childhood.

Very often during this journey, emotions that cause blockages are dissolved and memories that seem forgotten suddenly come to mind.

The journey into the inner child frees us and him, brings back to the surface in our psyche everything that is hidden and forgotten in the subconscious, from joy to fear, anger, hatred. If the mind remembers and the psyche processes negative episodes and sensations connected to the inner child, we will feel free, positive, we recognize ourselves, we have more charm, we can close with the past, make decisions more independently, we have more vitality , we suffer less. I have been doing this type of alternative healing for many years.

After purchasing the trip, leave an email address in paypal where we can promptly contact you ..

Inner Child Guided Journey

in chat lasting 60 minutes.

40,00 USD

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