Psychic and Spiritual Coaching

This psychic and spiritual Coaching is for all the people who desire to get a individual Psychic Coaching based on the develope of your own Abilities.
During 30 minute Coaching  in chat you will learn to develop and discover your spiritual and psychic abilities and how to use and awaken them.
With detailed informations and expercise that you can do to going the psychic way .
After the chat you will get a pdf file with a copy of the chat coaching.
This coaching is esoteric and spiritual and will not done with cards or oracle but i will teach and coach you with the power of all my knowledge that i collect in 21 years experience and study .
Please after you buy send me a picture of you and we will do an appointment for the chat coaching.

An ins depth and accurate coaching for:
intuition and awakening of the 5 senses
and all your psychic and spiritual abilities


Psychic and Spiritual Coaching, 30 Min. chat

30 Min. Spiritual and Psychic Coaching via Chat. This Coaching is unique and individual. After the Coaching you will receive a pdf with a Copy of the Chat.


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