39 Angel in the Jewish tradition is REHAEL.
This Angel belongs to the
Coro degli Angeli Potestà
10th to 15th in Libra
Guardian Angel of the born
from 4 October to 8 October
The gift that bestows is: Respect
You can pray these days and hours to get:
April 29: ingenuity
July 13: imagination
September 25: associations
December 6: loyalty
February 15th: fashion
Hours 12.40 – 13.00: family fullness

The name of Rehael means “God who welcomes sinners”
The qualities developed by Rehael are regeneration, loyalty, honesty, trust and obedience to parents and superiors, respect and love for children, divine elevation and inner joy.
Rehael urges you to invoke the power of his angelic energy, which is deputed to transmute evil into good and thus grants this power to its protected. Look for the best qualities and believe in yourself. the Angel Rehael helps you to free yourself from evil and helps develop your inner strength necessary to heal from mental fixations and obsessions and fears because it helps to dissolve them. he supports and protects the people who decide to speak to help, correct mistakes, to push their fellow men to universal awakening.According to the Kabbalistic tradition, Rehael saves what can be saved, heals the sufferings of the body and the soul, transforming Evil into Good: it dominates over health and regeneration by granting healing from mental illnesses and obtaining divine grace.  It is also said that he is the healer of family wounds and conflicts and savior of unity and love in the family.Rehael increases understanding, enhances paternal and filial love and creates harmony by developing communication and respect in the family unit.
The traditional prayer addressed to Rehael is the 11th verse of Psalm 29: “Audit Dominus et misertur est mei, Dominus factus est adiutor meus” (he heard the Lord, and had mercy on me: the Lord became my helper. ).


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