Mumiah : rebirth

The name of Mumiah means “God the end of all things”
Its element is the Water and Mumiah is the 72nd and last Breath, eighth angelic ray in the lunar chorus.

Traditionally you can invoke these days at these times for:
  June 2: conciliation
August 16: order
October 28: exaltation
January 8: intelligence
March 20: meetings

Hours 23.40 – 24.00: rebirth, purification, future

Guardian Angel of the born from March 16th to March 20th.
The gift dispensed by Mumiah is the rebirth and especially the healing in fact in the esoteric cabbala is evoked to heal the impossible and incurable diseases.
This angel-genius works closely with the Archangel Gabriel and governs the lunar forces then the forces of the unconscious and of our inner self.
The qualities developed by Mumiah are the ability to mediate and communicate, to go to the end of everything with farsightedness and courage; attitude to heal others, to care for and protection of the poor and disabled but also animals. He gives sensory intensity, serene longevity and health, fortune and excellent achievements in every sphere, and above all is the angel of the cabbala closest to his proteges: it is said that to protect them he wraps them in his divine celestial robe. 

he protects in mysterious and impossible operations. Often evoked in order to save oneself from very serious evils or when one cannot diagnose a disease and thus assists all those who dedicate themselves with good intentions to the study of esoteric arts and in the field of scientific and hidden research.
traditionally the prayer that is used to be helped by him is taken from a psalm: convert, anima mea, in requiem tuam, quia Dominus benefecit tibi – in Latin-
(Ps.116,7 – Return, my soul, to your peace, for the Lord has benefited you).

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