Long live the Citrin

Citrine is one of the most important stones in crystal therapy but also in magic and alternative healing. Its name derives from the Latin citrus and means lemon. This is because the stone has the color of the lemon even if, because of its bright yellow color, it was called the stone of the light or stone of the sun. Some in ancient times, like the Romans, they called it the stone of life and gave it to the soldiers of the emperor Caesar as a sign of protection.
That in the magic the citrine is used in the protection spells and against the curses is known from the Middle Ages, but not only protected from the dangers, in fact, ancient legends narrate that it gave fertility and especially the eternal life.
 It would be better to use in the rituals of the stones not worked.
 The original citrine quartz is a fairly rare stone to find and is, nowadays, used especially in situations where we need to attract positivity, but not only is it a stone capable of making us altruistic and creative and attracts benefits and also everything that could open ourselves to success, starting with ourselves and giving us new strength and desire to start over and take new paths.
Citrine makes us productive, improves communication and confidence in ourselves and beyond this is the stone that allows us to restore our inner balance freeing ourselves from stress and disharmonies and bad moods.
In alternative healings it is often used as an aid against depression, anxiety and fear, it makes us vital and energetic, determined and safe and is a valuable help to elaborate negative feelings and turn them into positive and constructive feelings.
This quartz is a remedy for nervous or stressful stomach pain and in crystal therapy it is recommended to relieve symptoms of chronic fatigue, nausea and intestinal and stomach problems, to relieve menstrual pain and against allergic dermatitis and outbreaks but also to promote kidney and liver work and improve circulation.

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