Autogenic training against anxiety


It is advisable to perform the exercises for about 15 minutes every day, at least once a day.
In the position you have chosen, close your eyes and let the images and thoughts that flow emerge, create a relaxing image in your mind that will give you a feeling of well-being and calm.
Initially pay attention to your breathing: it is advisable to perform a deep breathing:
inhale deeply and slowly for a few seconds, filling the abdomen first with air and then the upper part of the thorax,
retain the air for a few seconds,
exhale slowly, emptying the air first from the top of the chest and then from the abdomen,
resume inhaling and exhaling slowly several times.


Start from the right arm for the right-handed, (left-handed can start with the left arm) and say the words: “My right arm is heavy, very heavy, totally heavy, I am relaxed”, repeat the formula several times, focus on arm trying to visualize the muscles that progressively relax.
Then move to the left arm, right leg, left leg, abdomen, chest, shoulders, back.


The sequence of parts of the body to which attention is paid progressively is the same as the previous exercise, the words to be pronounced in this exercise are: “My right arm is warm, warm, very warm, I am relaxed”, repeat the formula several times , focusing on the part of the body in question and visualizing the muscles that progressively relax and heat up by spraying the blood flow.


Perform slow shooting movements: gradually move and flex your hands and feet, until you reach arms, legs, back, shoulders and neck. Breathe deeply and open your eyes.

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