Create your own happyness with the vase of Wishes

The vase of desires is part of that magic that uses both the plants and something tangible that the power of our unconscious and in fact is more powerful if we, after doing so, put it in a safe and dark place and we forget it, as it’s done by the magic of the seals.

Sigil : magic of desire and wishes
The rule is that we should not expect magic to give us everything but we must become active. For example, if our desire is to find a better job, we must continue to look for it. The vase will help us to develop our intuition about where and how to search, push our offers to suit us and our skills and needs on our way or it could also awaken in us the desire to start a completely new job and take us to the success. Do not express unrealistic, absurd or too selfish desires. They would not come true and magic would come back to it.

For this type of ritual you should have a minimum of esoteric knowledge, such as which days and which moon phases to use, know which plants to use and also how to build the circle of protection and its meaning.


a small vase

a sheet of vegetable parchment or a white one

a candle (or white or colored depending on desire)


salt or material (you could also do it in the floor with chalks) for the circle

suitable plants


First of all you have to decide in what day and in what phase of the moon to perform the ritual. For desires concerning development, growth, knowledge and finding something, you will use the full moon or the rising moon.

Put the material on a small table or your altar and form the hourly insurrection circle. Concentrate viewed as if you had already achieved the purpose of desire. Acend the candle and the fumigation of incense. Put the herbs in the jar and on the parchment write in short and clear words the phrase that symbolizes your desire, for example: find work suitable for me and well paid. Or: know the right person. Or: buy a house. If it is a desire concerning finances you can insert a coin into the jar.

Pass the rolled up sheet over the candle flame and on the fumigation of incense 3 times saying: I want it so. In saying this you must really make sure that this is the right desire and say it with confidence, not with despair or hope. Insert the leaflet in the jar and close it. Let the candle and the incense burn and you can now melt the circle counterclockwise and put the jar in a safe and dark place. If you want you can also make a prayer to the Gods or God or to the One you most believe and naturally thank him.


When the wish has been fulfilled, throw the contents of the jar into a river or bury it in a wood, perhaps bringing offerings for Divinity or food for wild animals. The rest of the candle and the incense ash can be buried in a plant of your balcony or garden.

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