Breathing for protection

This exercise is to use it for protection against negative emotions you absorb from other people.
Close your eyes and breathe deeply three times through the nose.
As you do imagine that white light and positive universe penetrates into your lungs and energized your physical body.
As you exhale through your mouth, imagine that your body moves away from a gray smoke that takes away the stress and negativity.
Repeat to yourself: I am releasing all of the stress and negative emotions of the universe.
These will be dissipated in space and not hurt anyone.
Finish off with a deep breath during which imagine that the Divine energy fills your lungs like a huge ball of pure white light and protective.
Returning to normal breathing imagine the ball of white light grow and blend with your energy.
While the ball is enlarged, the positive light through the organs, tissues and muscles, expelling from your body any residual stress to push the universe which will be worth missing.
Imagine the energy to go through the chest, neck, head.
Then look at her scroll down in the stomach, hips, legs and feet.

Another exercise is to combine visualization with breathing. Stand in a supine position and imagine yourself in a place in nature. Try to feel the wind or the warmth of the sun or the feeling of peace that nature infuses or any natural noise that makes you feel comfortable. Imagine that around you it forms like a light green or gold or light blue that expands outwards. You can imagine how they were filini or as if they were rays. Focus on this image and breathe in deeply as if it were to assilmilate nature and its strength in you.
Hold your breath within for 2-3 seconds so that you can expand this feeling and then exhale slowly.


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