Ritual to attract customers and improve finances. Cast the money spell!

I created this little spell that is very easy to do for those who need fast financial help at a time of economic need. A spell and a propitiatory ritual, for people who need to increase business and attract customers in their online store or business, it can also do without having knowledge of high magic. As I always say, the important concept is to be very focused on the purpose of ritual and above all to consider magic as a valid help that does not replace our will and do not expect magic to act without us doing anything to let it act. Another important concept is not to use this ritual for malicious or selfish purposes, it is always the rule that what we sow we will collect.
For this rite we need:
 a large sterilized needle
(a new or an old one that we will pass 3 times on the flame of a candle)
a green candle
a small white light
a small coin (a penny would be perfect)
of salt
fumigation composed of 3 grains of incense, rosemary and rue or lavender
pen and a strip of vegetable parchment paper
a small seedling and a jar
We put all the ingredients in the middle of the altar or if you do not have a small table and around you in a clockwise direction spread the salt forming the protective circle. If you prefer alternatively to form the circle you can also use flower petals or pebbles that you have collected. Remember that from the moment you form the circle you will no longer have to go out for the duration of the ritual. Light the green candle and charcoal and on the parchment write your wish in words, or even write the Latin phrase “nummos mihi honestum opus” which means: money to me from honest work.
Now pass the strip 3 times over the candle and every time you pass it, imagine yourself working and collecting money. Then every time you will also have to throw a grain of incense and some of your plants on charcoal repeating the phrase you wrote.
When you have finished this phase put the small strip of arta on the bottom of the pot and cover it with earth and plant the seedling. You can also put the strip in the middle of the earth. Now, with the needle, draw in the little lamp like a little character: make a small circle for the head and open arms and wide feet or one in front of the other as if they were walking towards the wick. Spread a little honey on the character and around careful not to dirty the wick with honey and last light it. Even here some rules apply: every ritual is individual so concentrate and visualize yourself as you sell and collect and above all give yourself time. It makes no sense to do an automatic ritual without you throwing in your desire, your feelings, your concentration and the need to earn more. Do not make the mistake of imagining and focusing on what you will do with the money or how you will spend it. Stay focused on the purpose of the ritual.
When you have finished let the candle burn and also the light. Thanking Mother Earth, who is the one who gives fertiility in all fields and strength and stability, dissolve the circle by collecting salt in an anti-clockwise direction. Put the salt in a copper or metal container, when the candles are burnt, add the remains of the candle and the fumigation to the salt and bury them in a wood or in a garden or balcony plant or scatter everything in the wind.

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  1. Thank you 😊 very much its helpful how ever to whom should homage be given..lve only learnt about Lilith ..you said remember to thank gods am African nd di not know any local gods….lve been introduced to Lilith online…. Am the only online pagan in the family the rest are christians…

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