Sigil : magic of desire and wishes

The word sigil derives from the Latin signum meaning sign and hence sigillum meaning sigil. In general, a sigil is a hieroglyph or symbol created by ourselves with a mystical or magical meaning. The magic of the sigils belongs to the magic of chaos (chaos magick) that differs from other magical traditions in various senses: one does not need to know or believe in a God nor in magic symbols and it is not about complex ceremonial rituals. to invoke or summon entities. Indeed it would be the lack of knowledge to free our unconscious and allow the fulfillment of the purpose of the seal without mental and rational interference because the creation of our reality or the change we would like to be dictated by the same unconscious.
The magic of the sigils is used as the magic of chaos teaches us, to evoke and realize in reality dreams and desires in accordance with our will through the sigil.
The great wizard and esoteric Austin Osman Spare said that the subconscious mind works portentous actions while the conscious mind is an impediment to magic. Spare did not recognize the intrinsic meaning of the magic symbols and believed that only the manipulation of the subconscious is able to make the symbol magical. With the use of active imagination and concentration and visualization the barriers of the unconscious and rationality are destroyed. The sigil is practically an intention or desire expressed by creating an individual symbol that is then highly loaded and charged. Desire is then forgotten while the symbol can remain and be reloaded by the magician when he wants in various forms. Warning: even in this kind of magic, desires should not be too ambitious or selfish. And above all remember that the magic of the sigils is neither white nor black but it could be your purpose. An important step in creating the sigil is to concentrate while creating the sigil so much that you almost get a mental void. For an expert magician or esoteric, this is not difficult, and for those new to magic, it might help with something of a repetitive nature that creates this mental vacuum like reciting mantras or repeating the purpose of the seal several times over and over. put a loud music but do not use drugs to stun you. Do it rather when you are very tired or fasting.
Those who are less expert will create the sigil on a piece of paper or vegetable parchment or cut it into the wood and throw it away or burn or hide it after charging it while the more experienced can create it mentally or in the earth or in the sand. The old occultists and esoteric experts also used to transform the sigils into volts to be charged and then leave them free by sexual orgasm but here it is true high magic. They were able to forget the sigil but to pull it out and reload it as needed as they did with the elementals created by themselves. The moment we release the sigil and forget about it, he begins to act.

How to create a magic sigil:

The creation of a sigil consists of 3 phases: creation, loading and release.

Think of the purpose of the sigil and try to reduce the desire to a single word or keywords but avoid negative words and use short and concise phrases and that we have only one sense. Write the word or the words and first erase the vowels and then delete the repeating letters: only a row of consonants remains. Now more and more concentrated in your desire, you can put the letters together with each other or make little drawings or insert magic symbols between the letters. You can even flip the letters if you want. If it becomes a chaotic symbol in which you do not understand anything yourself even better! You will forget it more easily, leaving its energy free. The important thing is to forget the desire – to forget the sigil – to create a mental void as if you were in a trance.

Loading or charging:

Loading means giving energy. In the magic of the sigils – according to Spare – the ultimate aim is not so much to load the sigil but to load our unconscious through the sigil. Change and fulfillment of desire will come from our unconscious. There are various possibilities as already illustrated to load as for example: place the sigil on a mirror and stare at it trying never to close your eyes until you have the optical illusion that the sigil has disappeared. Or meditate or dance to exhaustion or prayer or use shamanistic practices such as beating the drum. Find your individual way because it is not as important as you do it but the goal must be that you have to reach the mental void. Some instead prefer to imprint the sigil in the mind and create a sigil with tangled symbols. There are some people who use their passions to create sigils and load them for example they make it with bread dough and then they eat it. Some esotericists are able to load the sigil regularly by impregnating the water or their breath, then combining the magic of chaos with the magic of the elements, so that every time they drink or breathe the sigil recharges.


According to Spare, a sigil whose meaning is consciously remembered is a sigil that will have no effect and useless. The strength and energy of the sigil must be liberated in order to fulfill the desire and you will forget that you have created the sigil or by revising it do not recognize its purpose. So you can also create various sigils and hide them at your sight for some time and looking at them you should no longer recognize them or throw away the sigil or bury or burn it while other people prefer to leave the sigil on sight for a few days according to cognitive theory that the mind forgets that that sees more often. If you are more experienced and have mentally created the sigil  you can visualize it as if you were throwing it far away or you could lose yourself absorbed in clouds or how it turned into a sacred transformer fire that releases its energy.

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