The whale

All the totem animals connected to the water holds symbolize feelings and feelings related to emotions, to the subconscious, where they flow very deep inside us, in fact the totem of the whale is full of deep emotions, to the fact that we can realize what we do not know of ourselves that lies deep within us and our psyche.
Who is accompanied by the whale as an animal totem has a deep and marked sensitivity, is super receptive to the feelings of those around him and this can manifest itself through an internal pressure that can be exhausted.
The whale gives you dedication to a greater cause and even if you can struggle with your own personal emotions, you tend to naturally evoke healing emotions towards others to bring healing into emotional traumas.
The whale asks you to embrace the unknown, which is why it is so connected to the emotional depths of the oceans.
In many Native American tribes, the whale is the symbol of the principle, the creation of all life on Earth as we know it, of birth and rebirth.
Spiritually it symbolizes having the power to perceive everything, to conserve the memories of the world, so to have an unconscious connection with the Akasha register.
It is the immersion in the depth of oneself where all the memories of previous lives and time spent in the universe between incarnations are enclosed and memorized.
The whale gives you not only a very fine hearing, but also the ability to perceive the information contained in the universe and to communicate telepathically.
Often the source of your knowledge remains a mystery to you and you will need a long time to learn how to use your skills.
The whale teaches you to seek and find your balance and the original frequency of the energetic vibrations that contains within it the overall history of all living beings.
This sound frequency and its very high energetic vibrations can heal from diseases and through it we can get in touch with the original language, that used in primordial times even before the current form of communication had been developed, with entities and animals. The whale gives you both emotional and rational depth of thought by connecting you with higher levels of consciousness beyond the earth.
It calms and soothes the mind, helps to deepen the meditation, and promotes sleep and is one of the few animals Totem that is always connected and active without being invoked.

As a talisman: you can make a drawing of the Whale and always carry it with you or use a picture of a whale and take it with you or a pendant made by hand or carved into the wood. Pendants made of metal are not recommended because the metal cools the sensations that a natural material or a picture or a design can give.

to meditate or feel the connection: you must relax and breathe consciously, exhale completely, then inhale slowly, then slowly exhale, breathe in quietly. then when you have internalized these steps and you will be easily relaxed focused on the image of the whale trying to identify yourself in it but without high expectations and immediate and no hurry or disappointment if the first times nothing will happen. in time she will show herself to you!

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