The snake- Card 7 in the Lenormand

7 THE Snake
The snake is a strong card of the Lenormand deck and, like all the others, it must be interpreted while remaining attentive to the neighboring cards.
As a person’s card represents a female figure over 30 or accompanied by a male card may represent either its character quality or the mother of the consultant or a female figure who exerts a negative influence.
In the practical side it symbolizes a road full of curves or a very intriguing situation.
The character sides that the snake card shows are for the most part negative: jealousy and envy, a very intelligent but manipulative person, a person capable of seducing and very refined but hiding other ends, a person, clever and who does not show the His true personality, material and ambiguous, possesses great magnetism and is vindictive, calculating and cold, vain, too much self-assurance, evil and obsessive, opportunistic and with a low moral, hostile and rebellious.
The snake is also a symbol of a story with a sexual or material background, but certainly it is not the card that represents true love, indeed it announces betrayal.
This card is also the card that warns us of threats, complications, dangers looming, that a situation is not clear but you go by the streets, even illegal business, slander and criticism, deception and gossip, defamation, theft, lies and even violence psychological.
The snake is a person who deliberately and with a well-studied and precise plan of truly evil deeds and does not regret it.
 He invites us not to trust and keep our eyes open. all that appears sincere may be exactly what could be hiding the destruction of a relationship or a situation that seems to be going well.
The snake is a shrewd animal, a good observer and wise: he knows how to circumvent his prey and flee quickly after biting.
The card also has hidden occult influences and health questions warn us to keep the digestive and sexual system under control.
Symbology of images: the colors of the paper are purely autumnal and the snake with its forked lingia is ready to attack and although it is still, it has the control of the whole landscape. Below only stones to symbolize his victories but also his great strength and power. In this card there are no other characters so it also indicates loneliness and great independence.
The color of the sky is also dark gold to indicate that the good deeds that are performed do not come from the heart but only from the intellect and with ulterior motives. There is no presence of flowers and this indicates sterility, menopause or widowhood.
The leaves that are seen behind the snake symbolize the desert: what the snake leaves behind after having acted.
The queen of flowers symbolizes an older relative or a friend, which is also an ambiguous symbol of both well-being and jealousy. Flowers represent fire, will and intellect.
the number 7 symbolizes: intuition, patience, fulfillment of a cycle, impenetrable emotionality, acute intellect, perfectionism and fascination for the occult, cynicism and ruthless judgments, great charisma and conflict.

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