The ram

The ram is like the aries: symbolic of impetuous fervor, renewal, determination, action and leadership.
the ram will communicate you that you are going into a new phase in your life and a new cycle in which you are getting new personal and spiritual power and you will be offered a lot of opportunity. this new skills will change a lot of aspekte and situations in your life and the universe knows that you are prepared for it.
be sure about what you want and go after it – take the opportunity without hesitation and stay focused and believe in your abilities but do not fall into perfectionism.
show strength and fiery to stand up for yourself, priorities, and beliefs but be not stubborn.
Ram give you a loto of ideas and inspirations and the power to practise that.
the ram seems to be an easily and timid animal but really it is not. it is very intelligent and have a deep sense of protection and give success. spend time in the nature. that will help you to feel the ram and connect with his identity inside of you.

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