The lynx

It is said that the lynx totem knows everything, all the mysteries even those forgotten, belong to it. It brings the secrets in dreams through the symbols and symbolizes the strong inner light, the ability to unmask those who play the double game.
The lynx is an animal that has exceptional hearing and vision and gives you clairvoyant and clear-eyed skills that you should develop. 
the lynx is one of the most important animal totems and spiritual guides for American Indians because it is the holder of all the oldest forgotten mysteries and those still existing. It is a fast, silent and mystical animal. It therefore represents the ability to live beyond paradigms and to overcome the barriers imposed by matter. In this sense it allows us to come into contact with the true self and the subtle energies that govern the life of all living beings. The lynx symbolizes the intellect, but it also symbolizes the need to examine oneself in depth and bring out the hidden talents.

These characteristics of the animal have meant that the lynx became the symbol of the mind, of intelligence and of profound introspection.
Whoever owns this totem is indecipherable and hermetic. It becomes impossible, therefore, for those around him to understand what he is thinking or what his personality really is. These are people who can elaborate important introspective analyzes and fully understand truths that are beyond the reach of most people.

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