The fox

This power spiritual animal is a great wise guide when you are facing tricky situations because the fox give you the ability to find your way around – quick thinking and adaptability. by channeling the animal totem tell you that it is developing and awakeinig your physical alertness and responsiveness and let you dream and had vision of flash or thougts about your spiritual side and its work on it.
the fox give you analitic intelligence and a deeper blick in obersation. the fox shows that you are a loyal and very smart person but often too honest and cannot lie.
you are also a very creative problem solver and can seem eccentric because you are quick to think outside the box: you are not impulsive but have a specialway of think and handle.
Fox urges you to develop the art of camouflage, invisibility, and that mean that now you have not to show yourself as you really are and keep for you your skills and your planes for the future. Be a still and quiet observar but do not let observe you. this is the big protection against enemies and the best help to solve complicated situations and take important decisions. trsut just yourself.
remember the fox and how it live: in the nature but hidden in the forest – across the border. you can see the foox and immediately the fox is hidden. a fox can move in and out causing confusion.
This totem animal shows you that your actions may be too obvious and you have to need to learn to be more discreet. Fox is a potent teacher for those who choose to live conscious lives and awakening skills like intuition and inner sense and inner voice.

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