The beaver

the Beaver who let you connect with the moon and its influence and dreams- psyche and Subconscious and give you an very deep intuition.
this Animal totem is symbolic of family, balance and building your dream into real life.
Beaver is a diligently animal and maintains its own habitat with good work and patience. this Animal spirits offers you new horizons and hope, particularly teh chance to live and realize your dreams but having time to work and taking care of your family and home. he advice is to be yourself and teach the lesson of gratitude. he will help you to be motivated and see dangerous around you and to awake your intuition and sixt sense. build your life not just dreaming it but living it without blame yourself if other people are not agree. he give you the chance to be free and the energy to concretize your ideas or express your creativity but advice you not to isolate yourself.
The beaver demonstrates that with precision and vigilance, you can achieve impossible goal when you believe and work for that but he keep you grounded and motivated. the beaver is a animal who can live alone but need often other beavers to play so he advice you to take time for you and friend and family and live your hobbys or interests.

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