How meditate and relax with runes

DI ROSSANA FRONGIA … if you  copy quote the source :))
Runic Alphabet: Futhark
The word rune derives from the murmur of secret knowledge. this
symbolize the runes: transmission, signs of nature,
Primordial forces of nature.
There are many different runic alphabets, but the first six runes are
all the alphabets are common and identical.
The Futhark is the
generic name for the various runic alphabets.
The original Futhark was found in the early 1900s
in the north of the Alps, it is certainly much older and has undergone immense developments
they derive from the Nordic, German, Viking and Celtic traditions.
The “old alphabet” was 20-24 characters, then it was changed to 33 letters, then reduced to
16 and returned to 24 letters plus the empty rune, also called white rune.
The runic alphabet was always divided into AETT.
The Runes are an expression of strength, ideas, the primordial sense, a mediator between
between the elemental forces and the unexplored reality, they are like gods
Rays of infinite power that we bring into our bodies through the runes and activate
their strength through practice with runes.
The runes are traditionally divided into three groups of runes called Aett.
The first group is Freyr, associated with the god of fertility.
The following eight
Runes belong to this series:
• Fehu
• Uruz
• Thurisaz
• Ansuz
• Raidho
• Kenaz
• Gebo
• Wunjo
The second group of runes was named by the ancient Germans “Allvater Odin”,
that is the Great Father Odin,
the runes belong to it:
• Hagalaz
• Naudhiz
• Isa
• Jera
• Eiwwaz
• Perthro
• Algiz
• Sowilo.
The third Aett is Tyr: dedicated to the Son of Odin.
He was the God of battle and victory.
• Tiwaz
• Berkana
• Ehwaz
• Mannaz
• Laguz
• Ingwaz
• Dagaz
• Othala
Meaning of the Runes
Fehu The compelling principle, the primordial spirit, the change, something that
it is restarted again, improvement, protection.
Uruz Urewigkeit, healing, primordial soul, happiness and stability, the strength of
Mother Earth.
Thurisaz / Thorn, power, wisdom, strength, wanting to know and want to learn.
Raido Consigli, Salvataggio, Giustizia.
It is the rune that symbolizes the ‘I’, the strength in and out of if mastery,
spell, its own spiritual power.
Othil-Othila the renacity, the revive, the power of the Word, receiving the principle
cosmic and divine.
Theiwaz-Tyr, success, procreation, rebirth, the stages of life.
Berkana-, sings recovery, birth, new beginnings, nature and cycles of beginning and
Sowulo-Sig, solar power, success, victories and winnings, knowledge.
Hagal-Hagalaz harmony, mental, spiritual and bodily protection.
Gebo- the inevitable, the carma, the forced destiny.
Eh-Nauthiz marriage, Faithful and eternal love, Rune of the double soul,
Law and Justice, hope.
LAF-Laguz, the primordial law, experience of life, love, water.
The Algiz, stimulating, wealth, magic, protection in the day,
Man of God, healing, spirit.
Kenaz generation Reproduction, art.
Wunjo, joy, harmony, harmony, earthly pleasures
Attractiveness, kindness, ecstasy, success.
Lose-Perthro uncertainty, mystery, occult powers,
Fertility, solitude.
Mannaz humanity, intelligence, knowledge through knowledge, tolerance,
Dagaz day, realization, hope, awakening, star a day (ie the
Morning and evening star) knowledge, growth, innovation.
Jera-Jeran rhythm, harvest time, cycle of life e
Protection Eiwwaz-Iwaz, wisdom, mediator connection between the sky and the
Earth, robustness, reliability.
Ewahz cooperation, symbiosis, development, progress, change.
Inguz -Ingwaz fertility, hero, growth and maturity,
Pregnancy, withdrawals, patient growth, constructiveness and rest.
Ingwaz symbolizes male fertility, inner growth, the origin of an idea and the
its realization
Relaxation is the opposite of tension, the
tension can cause fear, agressions, limitations to the body and psyche and irritability.
The purpose of relaxation is to relax the muscles, eliminating them
conditions and situations that cause us annoyances, cramps, worries that are found in
ourselves and allow us to discover our unknown part
and the forces that are in us and we do not recognize, but also the deep ground of ours
to be.
First of all it is very important that we perceive the sense of heaviness,
caused by the loosening and fatigue of the muscles that can also derive from
hardships, psychological problems and stress.
Let’s concentrate on the feelings that come from our body.
We feel the heat that is typical of the dilation of blood vessels,
starting from the right arm, then the left arm, then both hands, then the
the foot and then the left foot, going up on the right leg, then the left.
Focus on the muscles: how hard they are and tense, perhaps how shortened and maybe
we are experiencing cramping sensations.
Take enough
time, and then you start feeling the heat, as if you were in your muscle
impregnating a bright and warm light.
It is important not to try to force you to see the light but the most important thing
it is the feelings that spring in you.
Only then can one begin with the breath. Just breathe normally and do not strain the
quietly, keeping the feeling of warmth.
Only after you started a
inhale for 4 seconds, keep the breath within you 2 seconds, and in 2 seconds
exhale emptying the lung.
Imagine yourself in your chest when you inhale as you oxygenate it
accumulandentro of you, like a cloud or a white ball of light.
And when you exhale a dark cloud.
Only after a few
weeks you can imagine the cloud as clearly as possible.
You will do after this exercise imagining yourself as if you were inhaling the strength and power of the
rune into the cloud that you breathe in and when you take your breath, imagine yourself
send the strength of the rune throughout the body, first to the muscles, slowly to the nerves, to the
arteries and so on.
It is very important that you are in a silent place and be rested or at least not
sleepy. You can also murmur the name of the rune or sing it softly first
breathing exercise if you want.
Use clothing in which you are comfortable, sit with your legs a little apart,
in the room let in some light of the sun or moon and fresh air.
Or lie down with your legs apart, your eyes closed and the palms of your hands
facing down.
If you want to light a candle in white or blue or green, that is colors that
we find in the nature: white as the light, green like the leaves of the trees and blue
coem the color of sea water.
Abdominal breathing
Normally one imagines a big sun in the belly and tries to feel it
feeling of warmth.
Imagine this sun in your chakra, in the solar plexus, in the abdomen, a little higher
of the navel.
Imagine over time how this sun goes down in your belly until you get in
sacral chakra ie in the abdomen and lower abdomen.
Breathing has a rhythm like breathing above but this time inspirae and
exhale from below, from the abdomen and only after a few weeks from the abdomen.
You should be sitting with
your back straight and try to breathe in the most natural way possible.
Even here with time, imagine the sun in the sun, in the heat you feel his
meaning and its strength, its characteristics.
Then send the energy that is inside the breath into the muscles, through the nerves,
through the blood vessels throughout the organism.
And even here not to the heart and not to the brain!
Each of our cells is like a battery that can be recharged
he can do it even more with the power of the runes.
Vocal breathing is also important
also called
Letter and sounds are the keys to the power of the Runes.
They are vibrations of the ethereal and universal tone that is transmitted
in the organism e
correspond to the cosmic forces of vocal vibrations.
The vocal approach must be formed at the back of the tonsils and not by the
behind the throat.
Try slowly, open-mouthed in front of a mirror and practice
slowly and at the beginning in a low voice, try each vowel individually, with
posture and straight head.
It is however noticed that as the voice increases
the neck muscles relax.
To recite a mantra able to load the strength of breathing and breathing
concentration, enhance the effects of the runes in meditation.
Meditation with the runes is also called Útiseta.
The word útiseta means “seating outside” and indicates not only the
meditation with the runes, but any kind of
meditation that is done in nature.
This means to be watching nature, being alone with the
Nature and its plants, animals, smells, tastes and spirits.
As if Nature understood as Divinity were in
we, but we have not found it in ourselves, but only an interaction
with the divine and the nature in us.
To do this, focus on the shape, sound and volume and the
meaning of the rune on which one wants to meditate, visualizing these
Runes or showing a picture a wood,
lose yourself in it, let yourself be transported and sing the rune.
This makes their meaning and their properties and forces
coscient in us, makes it alive in us and this life is given to us.
This has a big impact already in the unconscious, deeply.
In meditation with the runes he is outdoors.
It would be better to choose a safe place and also do a

Protection ritual.
At the beginning you should only
meditate briefly, first a few minutes and then increase up to a quarter of an hour.
The best times to meditate are early morning or evening, in in
peace and tranquility.
If other thoughts disturb you and disturb you during meditation
come back to focus on breathing.
Recite the Mantra during meditation 3 or 9 times by breathing.
The volume will decrease after every Mantra until the
last Mantra that will be said is in the mind in the body.
In the first place, one breathes with the idea of ​​the power of Rune.
You can also paint the rune or with sticks to draw it in the ground or do it
rune form with pebbles or leaves or petals.
Imagine solving the problem for which you are taking advantage of the power of the rune.
In time you will be transformed as you and the runes will be quickly with one
one thing, one sound, one form, one force.
EXAMPLE OF Meditation with the Runa IS
Stand in a vertical position as if you were a messenger in between
Heaven and earth, breathe the influence of Is’s power, and let go of this power with
every exhalation.
IS – say it slowly
iiiiiiii …… ssssssss ….
the word IS, feel it from head to toe,
let it flow throughout the body.
Meditation on the ground
We imagine how the energy of the earth enters the plant of the feet, rises on
legs becoming stronger and stronger with the pulsations from one and finally reaches the
whole body.
So this energy is taken from the earth,
drained through the arms and legs and inhale it and hold it back and then
exhale it let’s imagine how
The contrary and negative energy makes the opposite journey in our body and the palms die
they send her back to the earth.
We use the Uruz rune, let’s say uuuuuuuurrrrruuuuuzzz
slowly and loudly, we feel the power of this Rune and always pay attention to the
Feel the strength, the characteristics you always ask before starting the meditation
what you need, choose the right rune!
Ritual protection for meditation with the Runes
It is called a cape of runes.
It is practiced with the Hagal or Ehwaz rune.
Let’s start with the palms of the hands turned inside the body, at the height of the
One fingertip of both hands close to each other is opposite each other
touch each other, do an abdominal breathing exercise by focusing on the rune
that we have chosen.
Then we form a circle, lowering our arms first downwards
body until touching the feet, the palms of the hands always facing the inside of the body
body, we go back to the sides of our body coming to the head and pouring back up to the
start position.
During this exercise we say or sing in a low voice the mantra of the rune, his
name slowly imagine us a sense of protection and defense.
We can also imagine inhaling by breathing from a hollow in which it is enclosed
strength of the rune, its divine and primordial protection


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