Soul friends and kindredspirits

We often meet people with whom we do not immediately experience a physical attraction but a special and almost universal attraction – almost these people were a part of us. Our sixth sense when we meet these people is as if they were activated positively and immediately we feel a special connection that does not immediately find an answer from our logic and rationality. We know that we can trust this person without having tested or questioned the personality and trust we are giving to this person. But often we do not need to talk because the connection and connection with this person is so strong that we can feel his emotions and think his thoughts without the person speaking. The connection can be either empathic or telepathic or both and unexplainable and controllable. This person is in us as part of us and as if this meeting were the meeting of two people who have not seen each other for a long time but have always loved a transcendental love that can turn into a stable relationship or a friendship or on a human level vanish but the particular ensembles and attraction and also a sense of nostalgia never vanish .. Carmally they are called  soul friends and the gathering of these souls is a truly wonderful experience: find the person who really understands and accepts us for what we are without judging us but by accepting and supporting us – an unconditional and infinite trust even at the human level. Being soul friends is not a gift of karma but a karmic relationship that the souls have built in many and many past lives through tragic and dangerous moments. The  soul friends have always been helped and supported even at the cost of sacrificing each other and losing their lives for the other person and showing courage and trust. A universal and profound love that is not always physical but also when the relationship is transformed into a love, the selfish part is missing. The  soul friends are like a source of giving and do not ask for anything in return but it is impossible not to want to make anything back. They are characterized by a great understanding and knowledge of the other person and do not bring negative karma or missions or karmic tasks to fulfill in this life. Emotions and sensations are experienced as amplified and synchronized: there is no feeling that is not eternal at the level of a soul friend. In fact, often the soul friends (more spiritually and esoterically evolved) feel or even have flashbacks or dejavu on past lives as if they were living in that moment and feeling the same sensations added to the current sensations. The bond between  soul friends is one of the purest forms of love among humans because it is without ulterior motives and renounces any form of sexual or monetary gratification and it is only the joy of deeply connecting with the other friendly soul. The  soul friends are often confused with the affine souls (whose original name is kindredspirits spirits) because their connection and the characteristics are similar but in the kindredspirits the connection is purely human and not of carmic origin. It is as if the  soul friends are amalgamated and the energy fields merge harmoniously and the energy flows between  them without obstacles while the kindred Spirits are two people who create a special connection by sharing a bond that has united them through an experience that has them gathered on a higher level of consciousness. This connection may be from the same experience at the same time or two separate experiences of a similar nature.

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