What make a good psychic?

It is not easy to define who is a good psychic or not.
Certainly there are some international legal rules to follow but even more there are professional, ethical and moral rules.
Legally all those working in the field of parapsychology, spirituality, esotericism and divination are considered entertainers and the service that offer only entertainment.
We can not offer guarantees on our readings or replace specialized people in different categories, especially doctors, lawyers and psychologists. Therefore, according to the law, we should not perform any consultation on legal, psychological and medical matters, on death or on minors and underage persons.
As for our professional and moral ethics there would be so much to say. Of course we also offer our services as a freelance or independent worker and we also pay taxes as any person who owns a VAT number.
 But the difference lies in the fact that we using our gifts and not only our study also use our energies that are not inexhaustible so we should not offer readings when:

we are exhausted and tired both physically and morally
we live in a negative personal and private situation or in any case does not allow us to use our faculties to the best of our ability and keep a certain distance from the consultant
if we work only for money

 Beware of those people who:

 they call themselves professionals but try to induce you into addiction by manipulating your good faith and your fears
to all those people who try to be too friendly to get information from you and then carry out the consultation
to those who, instead of seeking a human solution, immediately encourage you to buy infallible and very expensive rituals and spells
 to those who immediately profess the best and offend and denigrate colleagues and other professionals

and those who offer everything free inventing to have solved many cases with magic and doing myriad of consultations or channeling with hypothetical entities that communicate only with them, often are people who are still experiencing and have not really followed a psychological and esoteric path but they give too many guarantees.

A professional will not let you talk for hours to make you spend money as minutes pass but asks you the precise question with names and if really good does not even need the dates of birth.
A professional will give you clear and direct answers – no turnaround – and offers more methods of divination and consultation.
A professional is a human and modest person who knows how to listen and see inside other people – unconscious and subconscious – and also knows how to look for possible solutions or clearly tell you if there is a solution or if a situation has no chance of success. He does not mind about feelings and remains within his own limits – he does not offend – he does not manipulate – he does not mix his spiritual faculties with his own thought.



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