Green Aventurine

 The aventurine is a very special and effective stone in fact, since ancient times it was very famous in Tibet, where, according to the legend, it could give the sight and cure myopia. in fact the tibetan statues had their eyes in aventurine, to give them the power to watch over the man. the aventurina, with its bright green color is an expression of fertility and intellect intended as creation and give shape to new ideas and projects but also creativity and compassion and guide us through the intellect to solve the problems of rational human life and without getting caught up in strong emotions and impulsiveness. Aventurine is the stone that belongs to the quartz family and in crystallotherapy it is often used for the regeneration and cicatrization of the skin, in fact it is often put in water for 24 hours and then used in the bath water or fumigations or worn as a necklace or as a ring.  But it is also very useful placing it on the heart chakra because it regenerates and strengthens it, but also because it helps to bring harmony and balance between heart and mind. This stone awakens in us patience and recognition of valid ideas but also guides us in being able to express our creativity, gives us self-esteem and determination and allows us to open up and exploit positive situations and optimistic people. On an energetic and psychological level, the adventurine calms anxiety and gives peace, helps us to forget the disappointments and to defeat harmful habits, to close with the past favoring the future and what will happen, helps us to become active and protagonists of our lives and above all it transmits a great healing force and helps to dissolve stress and anger and to make the best use of our energies and improves intellectual and cognitive development.

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