YASEMIN, whose name comes from Persian Yasemin, is known by ancient Indian and Syrian peoples who used it above all in nunical banquets as an aphrodisiac, while in green magic they added flowers to attract true love.

Jasmine is defined as the plant of sensuality and the search for true love.

A lunar plant that favors visions and develops the capacities of the astral body, induces almost a state of trance stimulating concentration and imagination but also enhancing extranensory and psytic abilities.

Its five-petal form recalls both the pentacle, that is a great protection, but symbolized the great Mothers of ancient peoples such as Ishtar for the Babylonians.

In fact, to adore her, the young virgins gave her jasmine wreaths and asked for her protection, but also true and pure love.

SMOKES to attract money and financial well-being:

put 3 jasmine flowers in the mortar, 3 bay leaves, 3 grains of pure olibanum incense. Sprinkle well and tie together a few drops of olive oil. form a ball to put on the charcoal.

SMOKES to attract prophetic dreams:

dried jasmine flowers, dried leaves of agrimony and anise seeds.

Fresh flowers, with their intense scent, are sniffed to induce sleep but also to calm emotionally and mentally and excite sensuality. It increases self-confidence by decreasing fears and anxieties that come from emotional conflicts and lusts.

In phytotherapy it is transformed into oil that is then used for wellness and cosmetics to soften and revitalize skin and hair but also to massage the belly of pregnant women before childbirth.

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