Use and tradition of Chili

Familiar in traditional Italian culture against malice and bills the chili was often hung on the doorstep in bouquets. In Mexico already in ancient times – 1200 dc – considered the chili as a powerful aphrodisiac but also as a protection against negativity.

Some witches preferred to alternate salt and chili powder in forming the circle of protection.

Two red chillies were tied with a red string and placed under the bed to favor passion and conception.

You can prepare a magic bag to re-start a little bit of love: in a red silk scarf, set 3 red rose and lavender petals. Add chopped or powdered chilli powder and then close with a red or golden ribbon. Load it energetically and leave it under the mattress. As always in the spell, intentions and concentration are important in preparation.

In the houses or stables already before the Middle Ages were bound garlands and cherry necklaces because tradition was said to protect cattle from envy and black magic rituals that make animals sick and dying. Like all plants and herbs, chili peppers can be used in black or white magic rituals: to attract love or separation and protection.

Even keeping chili peppers in the house is considered in the magic to attract harmony and protection of the family but also to ensure that the family is away from harmful and negative feelings and energies.

The common chili pepper – Capsicum Annuum – possesses heating properties and helps to promote blood circulation. It is part of the natural antibiotic plant for its many features: It helps to soothe the pains of the skeletal and muscular apparatus but it is also diuretic and lowers cholesterol. It promotes blood circulation and regulates the pressure not to mention strengthening the immune system.

Powdered and mixed with water and drops of lemon is used in the gargle to disinfect the gums and throat the eyelids.

Very Vitamin C The Chili Pepper is used in medicine such as cardiovascular and antihistamines. Using it carefully helps in diets.

To promote blood circulation to the muscles or to massage limbs that are lazy and affected by rheumatism or arthritis you can prepare chili oil.

Fill a jar with red fresh chilli . Add extra-virgin olive oil to the rim by pressing the chili and keeping in mind that bubbles will not form. Close the jar for 4 weeks keeping it in place where sunlight and moonlight can come. At best, do this preparation in the early autumn days where the heat of the sun is no longer so strong. Every day turn the jar up and down without opening it. After 4 weeks filter the oil with a gauze and lastly skim all the chillies. This oil should be stored in a sterile and clean jar and you can use it as hot as it is cold.


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