The rate- Taxus baccata-

The rate- Taxus baccata- is a very important tree in magic. This conifer is also called the Tree of Death, because the whole plant, especially the berries contain a high rate of tassina, a powerful alkaloid, which is a poison for immediate lethal effect by acting on the nervous system and causing shortness of breath, dizziness and slowly tick heart.
The rate is a tree that grows in the growth in the shade, symbol of eternal life and of Divinity, wisdom, symbol of tragic love. the oil extracted from the berries was often used to abort, often resulting in the death of the mother and fetus.
The Celtic peoples considered him the Tree of Immortality because it can regenerate from the bottom and evergreen, so symbolizing the passage from life to death they were burning branches during Samhain.
Celtic and Scottish peoples used the wood to pack the battle bow, and he anointed the tips with the juice of the berry juices to poison opponents, chopsticks were used to mark the lunar phases, slept at his feet to get precognitive dreams and be protected wild animals.
For nordgerman peoples it was considered the gate to the afterlife.
You can use smokes with the leaves to increase the visions, psychic abilities and magic skills. Magically is also used to make magical wands and for expulsion rituals, destruction, transformation, destruction of negative energies and astral bodies, the berries burned in smokes are used in rituals of evocation and invocation.

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