The pine tree

The pine tree has the virtues of balsamic, antiseptic, antibiotic and especially against influence, soretrhoat with bronchial complications, sinusitis, asthma and chronic cystitis.
In magic using the pine cones to promote fertility and fecundity, while the needles mixed with the resin are used to ward off evil spirits and downs and reject invoices and curses to the principal. Unfortunately it is often used in black magic rituals to infuse pain and wounds. The pulverized bark and burned incense mixed to olibanum and damiana vienne used to purify the rooms of the sick or after dele quarrels. In the East symbolizes immortality and eternity, the pine needles that are paired symbolize eternal love, the desire for fertility, and also being an evergreen eternal life of the soul. The pine in natural magic is used to invoke the spirits of the woods and nature. Japan magic wands and magical tools were built with pine wood, the sacred protector of the couple and longevity donor tree.
The resin can mix it with sage and mint or lemon to cleanse us before or after a ritual but also to purify places.the Pine was a symbol of protection and immortality for Celtic people, it was revered as the tree of life and the mother then symbolized woman in her fertile phase.
But for its medicinal properties was worshiped as a liberator of the bronchial, the magical plant that brought healing and relief in diseases of the bronchi, asthma and cough, soretroath. by Chinese medicine we use the resin to cure stomach and intestinal disorders and esophageal reflux.

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