The Myrtle

The myrtle plant was considered sacred by the Romans and Greeks and symbolized the blackberries in all its forms, from the search for true love, the creation of family, fertility, aphrodisiac, to protect the family from external attachhi, the purification of the house and the people, peace, harmony, prosperity. The legend says that Venus -Dea of Love-born from the foam of the waves will upholster myrtle to dress. The powdered leaves in a mortar together with grains of frankincense and 3 drops of olives are a good fumigation against attacks hidden and open the psychic channels. The flowers are placed inside the bags to attract true love. the Romans used to do often with a wreath of myrtle branches that virgin girls wore at parties to find true love, and the warriors to win wars and promote peace among peoples. Also in Greek mythology heroes they were rapprsentati with a crown of myrtle on his head to symbolize courage and heroic virtue and high moral and honesty. The myrtle plant is beneficial for sensitive skin, is a plant with antibiotic and anti-allergic property.

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