The Misltetoe

Druids used it in sacred ceremonies and celebrations of purification, while Celti- who called oloiacet- believed that this’ tree was born where lightning had fallen and that a particular drink made from this plant was a powerful elixir against sterility. It was a symbol of resurrection and survival, symbol of the Moon because the berries glisten in the starry nights,
The garlands are a symbol of victory and eternity and protect the inhabitants of the house from spells e ghosts for peace, luck and harmony.La plant has no roots and lives attached to the trunk of other trees was considered manifestation of the gods who live in heaven; touching the ground would have meant losing their precious powers. In fact, if used well it had miraculous healing effects and, if misused could poisonous.
It belongs to the Scandinavian countries the custom to greet the arrival of the new year kissing under the mistletoe. for the Masons is the winter solstice so the immortality, the life that overcomes diseases, the divine essence that never dies.
Happy New Year!

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