The Hazeltree

The hazel tree belongs to the family of the core Betullacee, of this plant are used fruit, bark, leaves and flowers … everything! For the Celts was an important tree, they believed in the existence of a source, the well of Connle, on which were the branches of the nine hazels of poetic art and who had eaten the fruit would acquire wisdom. For this reason the fruit of this tree, protected by its shell, was seen by the Celts as a symbolic reference to the inner wisdom but also some symbol of fertilization and fertility because the fruit protected by the shell symbolizes protection and uterus materno. the Celts with his wood construct magic wands, brooms rituals, the peanuts were offered in the wedding the bride and groom as a wish for fertility.
But the fact also has a predictive power, the tradition says that the wood core has the power to reveal all that is hidden. For that dowsers are often used to use a forked twig done just with the hazel wood. It is said that the heart knows the secrets of the earth, and the earth is near, with its roots that branch directly from the ground, as if he did not wish to detach too. Even in herbal medicine and green medicine the hazelnut is very much used, the kernel oil has an astringent and is used in the treatment against acne and oily skin but it is also a good ally against bronchial and lung problems. The decoctions of leaves and bark when applied have antioxidant and soothing, then against wrinkles, stretch marks, sensitive skin and wound-healing property. But drinking helps against a bleeding nose and menstrual flow, invigorates blood circulation, against hemorrhoids, the decoction of the flowers of hazel catkins that much help in the treatment against obesity and weight-loss diets.

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