The fig tree

The fig tree is a plant that is in the magic that hides in the healing knowledge and an ancient usage.
In Sardinia, the fig tree has an ambiguous meaning as in magic is said to the fig tree is the house of the devil and evil spirits, and sleep under a fig tree brings misfortune, sickness and woe. But in the Sardinian folk medicine the fig tree is used for charitable purposes, with its milk are will treat warts, calluses or weed thorns, the branches are used to treat hernias, muscle pain and sciatica.
In the Middle East the fig tree was considered the plant of the Phoenix, it was said that the phoenix was reborn in the spring with the blossoming of the plant, so it was considered the plan of death and rebirth, and the plant was like the door able to link the earthly world with the world of the afterlife. For the Egyptians was the plant that helped the dead in the journey after death and with the fig wood built a talisman for the journey of the deceased, they allowed themselves to the fig tree also has the power to awaken the occult powers. Even for the Romans and Greeks had the fig big occult powers and esoteric, the fruit was considered the female power, then a kind of Great Mother, Mother Earth or Mother Nature, venerated by shepherds from the milk of the leaves took care of the animals and whether themselves, but the magic was used in rituals to increase women’s strength, for infant protection, rituals against sterility. Asia has a very important place and positive, revered as the tree under which Buddha had enlightenment, is seen as the tree in which they reside the elementary spirits, symbol of male fertility and knowledge of spiritual mysteries and esoterici.In Israel is peace , prosperity and abundance for the bulk calorific value and healing of the figs.

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