The eucalyptus

The eucalyptus name is two Greek words, eu ie well and kalypto ie hide.
The eucalyptus is a plant of healing as it has a special place in herbal medicine is that the magic of healing that in traditional medicine.
Very often it was planted near factories or stations to purify the air. The plant is an evergreen.
In ancient magic of traditional healing eucalyptus leaves they are placed in boiling water and the vapors are breathed against respiratory inflammations, against fever and bronchitis, to loosen the phlegm. It is used mostly pe rle inflammation of the pharynx and vocal cords.
The oil you can get soaking of eucalyptus leaves in olive oil, leaving about a week and then squeeze the leaves and filter the oil in a and one of the uses is to rub the irritated skin, it would be more effective if you add leaves of yarrow or calendula flowers.
In magic the eucalyptus is used to create smudge protection stick purification maybe joining the eucalyptus branches with sage, or the leaves can chopped in morsaio with grains of incense and myrrh or sage and 3 drops of olive oil to make balls of incense for protection and purification, or with lemon peels and of pine needles or daminana incense for healing, for the concentration combine with sandalwood and clove wood. The eucalyptus is also used in magic bags for example with amethyst and lavender for protection and love, with lime and artemisia for protection and bringing about the success of a business or an exam.

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