The Almond tree

The first tree to bloom in the spring is the almond tree, and why in almost all ancient traditions symbolizes the rebirth of nature, the resurrection, fertility and pregnancy, but also the symbol of what life is short. Often even the almond tree blooms in late winter symbolizing not only the revival but also hope, and the wisdom to be fearless.
The almond tree secretes resin, which can be collected in the form of drops with which the ancient Greeks were burning incense against disease and evil spirits. Its delicate fragrance disinfects, cleans and purifies. The vine almond widely used in cooking for its flavor, is produced by almond marzipan and special medieval recipes with meat and fish. In medicine and herbal medicine we use the shell of pulverized almonds to cleanse the skin, the oil to nourish, moisturize, soften and massage.
the famous physician Dioscorides considered the miraculous bitter almonds: Dioscurides considered as a remedy for almost everything: for external use eliminates sun spots, promotes menstruation, relieves headaches and soothes ulcers, internal use relieves pain, promotes sleep, helps fight cough and liver disease.
Even in the magical tradition almond it has always been very important for its symbolic meaning, fruits, leaves and tree were used in rituals to promote wealth, prosperity and everything about money and finances. The leaves were used in rituals to enhance the inner power and get new ideas and inspiration. The flowers were a tribute to the Goddess in marriage ceremonies and births to propitiate long life and good luck, in fact, the flowers represent the hope of the future, they were used in magic to aid fertility and fecundity.
almond fruit is also as divine symbol since ancient times because it is the essential that lies beneath appearances: break the shell of the almond and get to the fruit is a difficult operation and symbolizes the end of a journey, the arrival at the Supreme Knowledge , to wisdom.

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