Sage the miracle Herbal

Sage is a plant well known in our kitchens. the Romans and the Chinese believed that the sage had the power to give the longevity and preserve from death. it was used in folk medicine as a healing, oral anti-inflammatory, to treat difficult wounds to close, against fever and cough, helps memory, also used against insomnia, anti-gastritis, useful in diabetes because it reduces the can rub your teeth with a fresh leaf to obtain a whitening effect. An infusion of sage darkens hair giving it shine. in the magic is powerful to purify themselves, homes and workplaces. Collect branches of sage, make a bread one to each other and tie with string then put it upside down to dry. When you turn on the tip it is dry and just starts to burn breath above the sage and will remain smoke. than 3 times the branches turn clockwise from the top down on your body as you would like to wrap in an egg of smoke. if sometimes you need to purify your house turn the house with stick in hand especially in the doors and windows. don´t forget to always concentrate on your intention. It is also used in bags purifiers and to attract money.

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