Surprising rosemary – rosmarinus officinalis. Not only in the kitchen to flavor our dishes but in the magic and medicinal tradition rosemary takes on great significance. Already in the European countryside there was already a bunch of rosemary hanging out to divert spirits and to protect the home.

The memory plant was defined. In magic symbolizes memory and concentration so keep it in the place where you work or study and breathe the scent helps above all people who work or study with stress and anxiety. Rosemary is considered to be a very powerful natural incense capable of transforming negative vibrations into positive.

It is burned in purification rites and is a protective element of the house and of negativity or malignant influences. In the same way it is also used in protective bags to carry with you to hang in the shops in the rooms of the house. Rosemary also symbolizes death and rebirth, so it was often put in the dead tombs to accompany them on their journey and wish him a new rebirth soon.

To allow for divination and even cleansing the chakra is often burnt on a charcoal.

Important today because it is also one of the plants that can clean the air from ozone. It has many essential oils.

How to make a rosemary decoction?

Boil in a pot – better than copper – half a liter of water and two handfuls full of fresh rosemary leaves. Let’s remember that more rosemary is wild and spontaneous grows more sun assumes that it helps to develop its essential oils. When we let it cool and filter and if we want to sweeten it with honey. Rosemary decoction can be used in different ways: as a wrap to soften bruises, but also as a rinsing for fleshy and fragile hair, or drank the morning as it wakes up as strengthening and against low pressure and as fluidizing the bile.

Another use is – boiling it with sage – as rinsing to have whiter and whiter teeth and lips.

How to Make a Massage Oil Fast And Effective?

In a bite put a handful of fresh leaves of rosemary and olive oil drops. Crush well by adding little by little a little oil until it becomes green and the leaves are well crushed. Filtered and if you want to warm it lightly and with this oil you can massage muscle-stained muscles or adding fresh chili pepper to use it to improve circulation or to massage when you have sciatica or arthritis pain.

Asthma and bronchitis inhalations

From us in Sardinia and in the marine regions grows spontaneously so if you can pick some rosemary from the coast. The properties of salt – iodine – potassium rich in sea water are a good help – combined with fresh mint or eucalyptus leaves – to inhalate against colds and bronchitis. Boil the water with the leaves and breathe the vapors with their head covered.

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