The pomegranatetree ( Punica Granatum L.) in magic is a symbol of good luck, fruitfulness and brotherhood, in the magic hebraich symbolizes honesty and purity of feelings and fairness and wisdom. For the Jewish and Christians was one of the seven divine trees of the Garden of Eden. The Celtic people regarded him as a symbol of transition from life to death and then rebirth and as a portal to the other world. In Greece it was venerated as a holy tree dedicated to Juno and Venus. In Sardinia, at the stroke of midnight on December 31st, some pomegranate grains are eaten to ensure good luck in the new year.

But it is also important the double meaning of death and rebirth therefore regeneration that comes from various legends and myths about the birth of the pomegranate.So even in magic, the pomegranate is used to unite or separate opposites

It is said that Aphrodite prepared love potions with the pomegranate. Aphrodite is the goddess of beauty and love, of generation, of the sea and of universal life and possesses immense powers: she protects marriages, promotes the amorous understanding between spouses, fertility, and also fertilizes the fields.

The dried peel can be used in rituals to attract money and wealth. Witches hung twigs pomegranate port of entry as protection from evil, the juice was used as a magic ink. Grains are used in rituals to increase fertility. 

The fruit is particularly important for health: it has ellagic acid that can prevent the deterioration of collagen, the main connective tissue protein but is also rich in polyphenols and tannins, and therefore has antioxidant properties that protect the arteries.     Drinking the fresh pomegranate juice effectively tones the body on a psycho-physical level, making us good mood and calming stress and its harmful effects, but not only: it helps in the diet and in fighting free radicals. The juice of fresh pomegranate has many antioxidant properties, is rich in vitamins and minerals, useful against cellular aging and exhaustion.

Hippocrates already recognized the merits and properties of the fruit: vitamins (A, B, E, C, K), mineral salts, fibers and sugars and polyphenols substances that make it a useful element in the treatment of depression, bone fragility, disorders related to menopause, dysentery and gingival discomfort.


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