Pellytory on the wall

Unfortunately, commonly known as an allergy-causing plant, the pellitory on the wall – Paretaria officinalis – also called vetriola – is a useful plant in magic and medicine from far away times.

In magic, it is often used in rituals to foster harmony and reconciliation after lusts and conflicts in the family or in love magic to strengthen unions and reunions. The parietaria is a valuable help in rituals that relate to the sentimental and emotional sphere to favor reconciliations in friendships or calm the souls in the work field or to find true love are used the leaves.
In the kitchen often the leaves are used for pancakes or replacing the nettle as filling for ravioli or crustaceans or shredded herbs and vegetables.
Famous protagonist, especially in Sicily where he was boiled and after reciting a magic formula in Sicily, was used as a wrap for distortions and rheumatic pains.
In medicine, parietaria has many properties: depurative, emollient, expectorant and diuretic. It contains sulfur, potassium, calcium, flavonids and muclavinos.Infusion is used to soothe hemorrhoids, anal fissures, cystitis and urinary tract disorders as soothing disinfectants in tooth and acne.The broth or infusion is used to calm the cough and melt the catarrh, while mixing the shredded honey plant has a diuretic effect.A popular remedy advises you to rub the parietaria leaves in your hands until the juice comes out and it becomes like a mousse that is embedded with embryos, scars and dermatitis.

Although it belongs to the Urticacee family, the leaves of the parietaria are rubbed on parts of the body that come into contact with nettles to soothe itching and burning.
Small curiosity: it is called a wicker because its hairy leaves were used to clean and polish bottlenecks and walls because it grows spontaneously in the walls.

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