Myrr: magic and medicine

Known by the Biblical legend of the gifts brought by the Magi King to Jesus, Myrr is a gummy resin that is extracted from a spontaneous growing tree in the Middle East: Commiphora myrrha.The legend says that the drops of lymus produced by the myrrh plant are the tears of Goddess Mirra, and to escape from his father, king of Syria, whom Aphrodite had forced to have carnal relations, he became transformed into a tree by the gods to escape death.

Therapeutic uses of myrrh.

Already from ancient times it was left infused into water or oil and then used to gargle or massage the inflammatory gingivitis and cases of periodontitis. It is worked in the preparation of ointments and ointments to aid the healing and wound healing, since myrrh has antiseptic and healing properties.It also possesses spasmolytic properties and against the inflammation of gas in the stomach and intestines, in Indian medicine is used as an expectorant,

Chinese medicine is used against acne, amenorrhea and abdominal tumors.

In psychophysical well-being a myrrh fumigation gives us peace and clarity, but we also balance our human and terrestrial part with the spiritual part.Even against anxious and nervous conditions, or after a big schock or a moment of tension and anger, you may be able to smoke the pure fumes of pure myrrh.

Magic uses of myrrh

To consecrate and purify environments and places, magic tools, divination and oracles, but especially to purify after illness because it is bactericidal and therefore in rituals of psychic and bodily healing. In fact, it is a plant that is associated with both the Moon and also the symbol – among many others – of the stranger and the subconscious.

In the Middle Ages they added myrrh powder in home-made soaps, they made ointments to cure the wounds of the animals and spread the poor in the floors and around the house against insects.It is used in rites that help the sphere of feelings to drive out rivals and purify a person from vibrations and negative energies that prevent them from knowing the person of fate or against evil in marriage and friendships.Great in meditation or angelic invocations and rituals for its highly protective power and its delicate scent.

Often a small bag of myrrh was hanging on the baby’s cradle to wish a long, intense, happy life, but also to protect it from attacks of malicious entities or envy of people. It was almost a recognition of love and respect for the newborn.


To relax and go into trance or in meditations and divinations mixed in equal parts with pure Olibanum, myrrh and storace incense.

For protection and re-acclimatization in the world of feelings and emotions and prayers for true and genuine love, mix myrrh, 3 petals of pink broccoli and sandaracca or if you want golden incense.

Mirra, cloves and aloe or sandalwood for rituals of prosperity and fortune and abundance especially for people working with earth and natural products.


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